Maybe you have heard of these types of people or seen one in real life!!!
Ripped, fit, healthy, vibrant vegan people.
People who seem to effortlessly stay in shape, and eat a variety of vegan foods.
Happy, smiling, light, energetic Vegans! Some vegans seem to be getting younger before our very eyes!

Now you can do it too. Here are 10 Secrets from a Healthy Vegan…

1. Drink a lot of water. First and foremost – your body requires between 2 and 5L of water per day. Depending on what climate you live in, and your activity levels, it is important to always keep up on your hydration.

2. Just add Hemp Protein!  Natera Hemp Protein is the easiest protein in the world to digest – with a full amino acid profile. Meaning it is a complete protein. You are getting all the muscle building power with Hemp Protein.

Chocolate-Hemp-Protein-NateraCompare Your Current Protein Source with Hemp Protein Here…

3. Take your vitamins! I take Avivo Pur Greens and Vitamins to stay healthy and keep my skin looking
incredible. They are all natural vitamins with no additives. If you are going to spend money on Vitamins, ensure that there are no fillers or by products. Get pure vitamins. I am truly amazed by the Food Based Mega MultiVitamin and Iron-Enriched Vitamins for Ladies by aVivo Pur; rich in amino acids, vital macronutrients and bio active peptides. These vitamins are vegan!! When your body is getting adequate nutrition and you are staying active: you will be amazed at the results. I especially love that aVivo Pur products are natural and made with whole foods, greens, fruits and herbs. Perfect! Anyone who practices veganism in today’s world full of processed foods knows it can be a challenge to maintain adequate nutritional levels. Good nutrition is the key to unlocking your dream body. AVivo Pur’s  Food Based Mega MultiVitamin is the answer to your nutritional needs.

Read about Theresa’s Coverage at CHFA 2015 – THE BEST Brands in PREMIUM FOOD PRODUCTS, OILS, AND VITAMINS. 


4. Eat naturally. Be Happy. Selina Naturals has electrolyte water and incredible natural salts full of minerals your body needs.

5. Try Variety! Be creative with food and cook yourself exciting vegan creations. Here are examples of my healthy meals!   Additionally here is an exceptional blog telling you exactly what to do to —> “Eat for Fitness“.

6. Stay Active … Here are the best ways to keep working on your fitness. See additional FITNESS MOTIVATION here.


7.  Know you are helping the planet in many ways. Enlighten your soul. Cultivate good Karma for yourself. In the cyclic wheel of life, according to Buddhists, our soul can be reborn thanks to karmic influence. Imagine being reborn an animal? Similarly, every being in nature, human or non human, has cared for us in our previous cyclical existences, and thus we must be aware of this and take care of all living beings in the world. To be vegan is to have respect and compassion for all life forms. Ten compelling reasons to give it a try.

8. Practice Gratitude Regularly.

9. Make your own Hado Water.  Have you heard of the groundbreaking experiments Dr. Masaru Emoto has done on water? It will change your entire perspective on life. Our bodies are mostly made of water. This study shows how EVERYTHING affects water.  It is easy to make your own Hado Water. Rip the label off any water you buy, or you can make it out of tap water. Simply write positive words and healing words that apply to you on a piece of paper that your water will sit upon.  ie/  “Hair is Long,” “Thank You Water” “Love” “Bless You” “Grateful”  “Skin is Clear” “Stomach Pain Healed” (or whatever ailment you have). Place your water on top of the paper with these words of positivity and love. When you drink the water you will be drinking the water infused with the positive messages.
The positive messages essentially BECOME YOU.

(lol, this takes a while for some people to grasp, believe me. The first time I heard it I laughed and put Dr. Emoto’s book back on my book shelf – but as I became more conscious, more aware, and more enlightened, I picked up the book again years later and I now know and understand what his work means.) It is the truth.

10. Make an easy transition! ARM YOURSELF with my VEGAN GUIDE.  You don’t have to become a full blown vegan over night. Personally I have developed the right skills to manage eating vegan for over 6 years now. I barely eat fish or eggs anymore. Rarely cheese. I replace butter with this yummy  coconut oil (I use Selena Naturally Brand – BEST BRAND!)


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