A Complete Fitness Plan! Fitness Tips pt. 1 of 3 – Eat to Achieve Fast Fitness Results!

Welcome to my 3-part blog series aimed at getting you in shape for Summer, and beyond! I am happy to share my tips, tricks, and secrets for optimizing your health and wellness. Today we will talk specifically about diet. Diet is equally as important as exercise when it comes to balancing health and wellness. You will lose serious excess weight by eating properly – it also restores you to being healthy.

Personally, while I always strive to eat healthy always; on occasion I do indulge. The key here is to make smarter choices, more often! So lets start!  A nutritionally based diet helps treat weight loss or weight gain issues. The most you can do is try realize your choice about food in every instance.

The fitness tips outlined in part one focus on diet. Watch what you eat carefully. It matters. Eat proper and notice results sooner.

Let us start with one of the most important pieces of advice I have to give here! It sounds simple, but its true: DRINK WATER! Lots of it. Water is so good for you. Water hydrates your brain, and keeps your muscles from getting sore while you work out. Muscles hurt when you run? You aren’t drinking enough water. Water freshens your skin and gives you a healthy glow. Feeling sluggish? You are probably dehydrated.

Fact: if you drink 12 ounces of plain water, your body will absorb 8 ounces of it within 15 minutes

Fitness Tip for drinking water:Add flavor to your water to spice it up. Flavor ideas include: Herbal Tea Bags, Slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, orange, or drop in a few raspberries. I have a glass water bottle I refill several times throughout the entire day. Ladies tell me: “I don’t like drinking cold water, it makes me cold, it discourages me from wanting to drink a lot of it.” Solution: Warm it up on the stove. If it gets  you to drink more water, just go for it! Now that I know you will master drinking lots of water; let us take a look at what you should be eating to optimize your health. To some, it may seem common sense, but for others it is difficult to stick to making healthy choices. Drinking water makes you look and feel younger. It helps your skin. It also revs your metabolism and helps you burn more fat more efficiently. I swear by drinking water. This is one easy thing you can do to kick start your journey into getting a ripped body!

For all you iphone users, here is a great app to remind you to drink water.

Click to open the App in a new window.

 Easy Spinach Salad  You need: Spinach, Strawberries,

Optional: Poppy seeds, almonds, nuts, feta Dressing:  [To Taste] Warm honey, olive oil, lemon juice. Mix Ingredients! Enjoy! Total Prep Time: 6 mins



I stick to a diet that is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. I love taking 1-2 scoops of NATERA (all-natural plant-based proteins) and blending it into a great almond-milkshake with raspberries, strawberries and banana. Why supplement our diet? Because it is easy! And it works! Be smart about choosing which multi-vitamin is easy for you to take every day. When you have optimal levels of vitamin your body THRIVES. Avivo Pur has top quality products to choose from for your vitamin needs. I take Natera Hemp Protein because it is all – natural. No additives. No milk products. Natera eliminates the craving for meat. Natera is super high in protein (hemp protein) and omega. Hemp protein is easiest to digest. I make up for my lack of protein with Natera. I make the odd exception for fish,  [Pescatarian] and I always try to eat a large amount of veggies. A trick is to buy a large frozen bag of veggies. Again: It is easy! And simple.

We have covered the basics: Drink Water. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, & supplements.  When you have enough vitamins and minerals in your body; it is easier to lose excess weight. 


TRY REAL FOOD, CLASSES & JUICE CLEANSES (I did one and loved it!)  with The Healing Cuisine

the healing cuisine

Eat Right!
What to avoid? Here are Theresa Longo’s fitness secrets revealed!
Cardinal rules of a healthy diet:

I always try my hardest to follow these rules strictly. I try to make no excuses here, and I strive not to make an exception on these at all. Here are the no-nos!


1. Fast Food.  (You know the kind I mean: the Mcdonalds’ of the world, the Burger Kings, the Wendys’, Taco Bells… anything deep fried — ) Simple rule here: Don’t eat it. This rule is especially hard if you have had a night on the town and you stumble across one of those street meat places. But, I’m telling you… Just say no. Learn to control and cut the voice in your head as soon as you start convincing yourself it is ok to eat.

2. Alcohol. This is an easy one. Just don’t. Alcohol is poison for your body. Don’t do it. It ruins your gains. It leaves you feeling terrible. It can be hard to say ‘no’ to friends: Simply remain firm in your choice, opt for  soda water and lime. This requires a lot of self control. SO important to monitor each and every one of your thoughts! Is your mind leading you on a trip? Focus. When you cut the opportunity to indulge in one of these vices – you are one more step closer to your goal of a bangin’ body.

3. White Sugar. Another big no-no. I seriously try to stay away from white sugar or bread. This stuff sticks to you. I rarely reach for a bowl of cereal if I am hungry. (i sorta cave for corn bran … that stuff is bomb!) You have to cut this stuff out of your diet. It is hard. Do you want to optimize your health?

Another MAJOR ‘no- no’ food to add to this list is anything dairy.      ★Almond milk & Almond butter are delicious & dairy free★

Fitness Tip: Don’t bring home the chips, cookies, or candy… it will find you. Next time you eat, think to yourself: What am I eating?  A lot of people do not think about this! You can! So, start right now. Begin by making a decision to monitor what you eat. Always. It will be easy at first… sure, but the real test comes when you are out with friends, on vacation, or worse, bored! Pray for the strength to eat properly & make smart choices.


It is so important to follow these simple rules of diet. It is crucial to THINK hard about what you are eating when you put the food to your mouth. Try to eat mindfully. Be conscience of what you put in your mouth For more motivation, fun and adventure, follow me on Twitter @theresalongo Happy healthy eating friends! All the best in your fitness endeavors.  


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