Flashback: Canadian International Models Theresa Longo and Ashley attend Boots & Hearts Pre Party!


Beautiful top models Ashley alongside Theresa Longo attending the Pre-Party for Canada’s biggest country music festival.. Boots and Hearts!

From BootsandHearts.com “Boots and Hearts is the largest country music festival of its kind ever to be hosted on Canadian soil. It is a three-day celebration of music and art where music lovers of all genres can escape from the rigors of daily life, band together with thousands of other country music fans and experience a once-in-a-lifetime event that they will never forget!” Boots and Hearts hosts over 30 bands, ranging from international superstars to up and coming artists, Boots and Hearts offers a variety of country music styles.

Check out the photos from the party!

Canadian International Model strikes a pose during the auction of a gorgeous painting at the Boots and Hearts Pre Party…

Canadian Models having a blast at the Boots and Hearts Pre Party

If you watched Toronto’s CP24  you saw a 2 minute loop of Boots and Hearts Coverage with celebrities like James Reimer, Kevin Costner, and Canadian Models Theresa Longo and Ashley! Image_Showing_Theresa_Longo_Nicole_Ash_live_on_CP24

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About Theresa

Canadian Feature Film Actress & International Model. Qualifications include live television, feature film, radio experience, TV Host, event production, & PR. Theresa flexes her knowledge of brand development and marketing while pursing a career in the arts industry in the heart of downtown Toronto. Skilled as a strategic marketing & planning expert, Theresa Longo travels nationally and internationally as a Corporate Brand Ambassador and loves to write and record original music.

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