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Recently I did a 3 day cleanse in Costa Rica with The Healing Cuisine. This nutritionally supportive and renewing juice cleanse resulted in blemish-free skin and a fresh feeling!


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Food is the basis for all of our bodies’ systems and functions. The Healing Cuisine is intent on making cleaning and detoxing safe! Joanne Gerrard Young is the founder of The Healing Cuisine. She is also well known for being Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s chef while they are on vacation in Costa Rica.

The healing Cuisine

“Joanne Gerrard Young is an international chef, holistic nutritionist, health educator and mother. She is a leader in the organic and non-gmo food movement!” –

The Healing Cuisine Featured in People Magazine:


Jo teaches lymphatic stimulation techniques which are great to do upon waking.
To this day I still do the lemon water / cayenne pepper mix first thing in the morning. Additionally, I was told to take probiotic in the morning. I found that taking probiotics is essential to good health. In order for us to digest, fuel ourselves, and rid ourselves of toxins it is important that there are enough of the good bacteria in the gut. If this goes awry, and candida or other fungus get out of control, it can cause headaches, sluggishness, depression and a whole host of other physical ailments.
Probiotics make us feel good and give us immunity.

the healing cuisine



By 9 am I was having a heaping serving of aloe vera juice, full of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. Another “meal” on the hour was rich enough to eat with a spoon and tasted delicious!


More of my delicious juices stocked away during The Healing Cuisine cleanse. I LOVED having breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner prepared for me (JUICES!) each day during my cleanse.

Another tonic was packed with protein, calcium, magnesium, zinc as well as vitamins A, B12 E, with plenty of enzymes and vitamin C. Cold and refreshing!


Every hour I was taking in a lot of liquids and nutrients. In between my “meals” I was also taking in a good amount of water on the hour. The second morning drink was a high-protein drink also with all the essential amino acids – which makes it a complete protein as well. My drinks were a source of iron, and high in B12. Furthermore, this drink was full of bioavailable beta carotene (found in orange or dark green vegetables,).

For lunch I welcomed the green chlorophyll tea.The tea purifies the blood and removes toxins. The Healing Cuisine teas have arcigen calcium, chlorogenic acid, essential oils, flavonoids, iron, inulin, lactone, potassium, tannin, resin, and taraxosterol.

What does all this stuff do? It enhances the performance of many organs and helps correct digestive disorders.

By 2 Pm I was having a nutritionally rich juice, and then another one at 3PM. A hibiscus drink at 3PM is packed with vitamin C and is known to help fight colds and infections. It is known to regulate blood pressure and can also help prevent infections.
On day one of my cleanse I had a rich coconut water drink for my dinner, followed by potassium rich broth. On the final 2 days of the cleanse, we removed the coconut water to lessen the sugar intake, and I was on two potassium broth meals. I would add sea salt to the potassium broth.

In the evenings I had another special drink a couple hours before bed.


Feeling incredible after The Healing Cuisine cleanse in Costa Rica

On day two I supplemented with avocado and apple because I was surfing a lot. The third day, I added Hemp Protein to the breakfast smoothie.

I am sure that if I were to lessen my activity level, I would be able to do the cleanse and not have a cheat with the apple or avocado. By day three all of my senses were hyper aware/acute. My sense of smell, sight, touch were all enhanced. Our bodies are mostly water and thus it is totally safe to eat nutrient rich juices, teas, broths, and smoothies for a few days every once and a while, to really give our digestion a break – and to safely strengthen our entire immune system.

For more information on The Healing Cuisine visit their website.
the healing cuisine Joanne offers several cooking classes, healthy living food classes, and MORE!




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    Excellent, Teresa! It was my pleasure to meet you last week at Jo’s Decadent Desserts class in Toronto…and I wanted you to know that I am very proud to know you! What a wonderful write-up!

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