How to Permanently Control your Diet … and your LIFE!


The solid fitness advice I am about to dish out stems from years of consistent jaw dropping results. Although I always keep myself fit, the last few years I have transformed myself into a sculpted, toned, hard body of work!  I can honestly say that my diet has ultimately led me to this goal.
I used to eat whatever I wanted and then spend an hour and a half in the gym each day, with a lot of cardio. Now I eat PROPERLY, and spend half the time in the gym, while staying active doing the things I love: ie/ surf, boxing, & yoga.
I eat a lot. I also eat unlimited amounts of ‘good foods’ or ‘safe foods’. In this post, you will find out how you can use your diet as your secret weapon for staying in excellent shape year round.



1. FOOD IS FUEL – Start thinking about food for what it truly is: an energy source for your body. Every single day your body requires amino acids, Omegas, Fats, and  vitamins ( like Food Based Mega MultiVitamin by aVivo Pur) , minerals, 3-5L of water, and GOOD food to carry out body sculpting processes. What constitutes this “good food” that I speak of? Things like: fish, veggies, fruits, beans, quinoa, chickpeas, dates,  flax & flaxseed, hemp hearts, lentils and free range eggs. I practice veganism, yet I still consume free range eggs and sometimes wild-caught fish for proteins. Conversely, someone who is not vegan can easily incorporate turkey and chicken into this diet. MORE: WHAT TO EAT

What to completely avoid at all costs? Alcohol, bread, bagels, cereal, biscuits, coffee, even oatmeal or whole wheat bread is broken down into pure sugar at a molecular level.  Pasta is a no no. As well as candy, milk chocolate, and any sugar.
Note: If you are strict to avoid this stuff at all costs, it is perfectly fine to enjoy a bagel once every few months, or perhaps a pasta dish once a month. Notice how I said ‘Once a Month’.
Many people might balk at this diet. Those who ‘LOVE CARBS’ will definitely find this challenging. Those who drink beer or alcohol may think it to be absurd to completely swear it off forever.

I tell these people “if their dedication to physical health was as strong as their dedication to drinking and partying every weekend – then they’d be sculpted and ripped too,”
Remember: Food is Fuel.

2. FOOD IS A SURVIVAL TOOL -Eat when you are hungry. Eat often. Eat when you first wake up. Probably one of the best things you can do for yourself is to drink 1L of water upon waking (sometimes with lemon) and enjoy a healthy breakfast. Healthy breakfasts often include supplements. Greens, eggs, fish, beans, or blended fruits and vegetables are great ideas for breakfast.  I use Natera Hemp Protein at breakfast. I take Food Based Mega MultiVitamin by aVivo Pur every day. Once you begin to realize the benefits of restricting food intake to only ‘GOOD food”  – it becomes clear that the food you eat is reflected in your health and appearance.

3. FOOD IS NOURISHMENT  – Start seriously thinking about what you are eating each day. You may have heard the quote: “Your body is not a dumpster,”. This essentially means you should be careful about what you are piling onto your plate. Take time to relax and eat. This goes back to the second point about food being a survival tool. Eat when you are hungry. Eat a lot if you are working hard. Always drink a lot of water. Food is not only nourishment, it is a necessity! I get plenty of plant-based Omega with Natera  Hemp Protein.

4.BE CONSCIOUS OF THE FOOD YOU EAT! – The food you eat is as important as the words you speak. We watch what we say on a daily basis, so begin watching what you eat on a daily basis too. Apply this mantra to your diet and be totally honest with yourself. This is the difference between dreaming about the body you’ve always wanted to having the body you’ve always dreamed about. It is crucial to watch what you are eating. Before you eat anything ask yourself if it qualifies as ‘nourishment’ or ‘fuel’ or  a ‘survival tool’.

Thanks for reading these awesome life tips from a Professional Trainer.
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