TOP Brands at the Canadian Health Food Association East Trade Show 2015 – All the Best Brands at the Show Listed Here!


Recently I attended the Canadian Health Food Association trade show to meet with the best brands in the industry, as well as appear alongside top producing Canadian Hemp Protein and Hemp Seed Company “Natera“. CHFA East is Canada’s largest conference and trade show for the natural health and organics industry. After spending two days at the show and speaking with many of the vendors – It is a pleasure to recap the top brands from the CHFA East Trade show…

Natera makes the number one spot on this list of best brands at CHFA East –  Natera Hemp Seeds and Hemp Protein Powders are packed with powerhouse proteins, essential fatty acids including super-important omega 3 and omega 6 and an extraordinary abundance of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fibre and more. Hemp offers omega 6 and omega 3 in perfect balance.

“Hemp protein contains all 21 amino acids including 9 essential amino acids (EAAs). Our bodies need these for health, but can’t produce them without food. Hemp is vegan, non-allergen, trans-fat free and the world’s easiest protein to digest. That’s why it’s so ideal for people who need to avoid gluten and lactose.” – Via
It is easy to see why sustainable, nutritious, all vegan,  Natera makes the number one spot on out list of best brands!

© Natera


Enjoy Life Foods – Sun Butter Crunch Chewy Bars were a delicious hit! Loved these. 

Brendan Brazier-Theresa-Longo (1)

Vega Founder Brendan Brazier stops to chat with fitness Ambassador Theresa Longo at CHFA East

I enjoyed tasting VEGA’s new Mocha Almond smoothie flavor. Super good.  They even made me blend it myself by peddling on a blender bike! Thank Vega! 🙂 I also took a sweet photo with VEGA founder Brendan Brazier! Thanks again Vega Team!

Ancient Harvest is a national supplier of quinoa & gluten-free super-grain products. Their wheat-free, organic quinoa, millet & amaranth products are non-GMO! They gifted me a box of their yummy quinoa. It turned up ultra fluffy and savory! WOW. Ancient Harvest is a top quality brand.
Check out all their awesome Quinoa recipes here!

Solo Energy Bar – Lemon Lift (Try this flavor here!)  and new Dark Chocolate Coconut Flavor which was incredible! SoLo Bars were designed using a unique blend of slow release carbohydrates, proteins and fibres that provide a lower glycemic response than other leading energy bars. I am a big fan of any bar that doesn’t cause a big blood sugar spike! This was one of my most favorite stops at the show.

If you are looking to try an all natural line of rejuvenating skin care products look no further than Gardener’s Dream products. I absolutely love the scent of these facial and body cleansers, moisturizers, and dream creams. It was the smell that really made me fall in love with these creams rich in skin invigorating natural ingredients. Gardener’s Dream essential oils are sourced from around the world. They guarantee that only the highest quality and 100% pure essential oils are used in all the products. See Gardener’s Dream product lines here. My personal favorite is the “Ohm Facial Moisturizer” – Every day I wore this to bed I woke up looking 10 years younger!
Bonus: Gardener’s Dream Products are Made in Canada!

Ener-C gifted all show goers with their powerful Vitamin C packs.  Ener-Cs all-natural fruit flavoured Vitamin C focused vitamin drink mix, leaves you feeling refreshed and energized.  Taste the Ener-C difference! Read their blog here.   The tastiest all natural Vitamin drink mix on the planet, with Vitamin’s A,B,C,E, and 25 nutrients. Ener-C is your Energy, Health, and Electrolyte Boost!

“Dish it Out” – all natural dish soap by Better Life  is an award worthy product that I love to travel with! When I am living in the jungles of Central America I love to use natural cleaning products.

Salba Chia Seeds! This yummy treat is nutritionally packed with omega! Salba chia is incredibly nutrient dense, contains no trans fat and is naturally gluten free. If that’s NOT STRONG enough, it is also Non-GMO Project Verified and the only form of chia used in clinical health and medical studies. Just a 15g serving a day of this potent superfood will bring your daily nutritional intake to the top of its game. I’ve got the travel pack so I can take this with me on my travels!


Snow Farms Dried Tart Cherries are prepared from sound, ripened Montmorency Cherries. They are de-stemmed and pitted, and then lightly sprayed with sunflower oil. This is an incredible super food snack!  Snow Farms  Dried Tart Cherries – Mouthwatering sweet and savoury dried whole tart cherries. Tropical Link Canada Ltd.  also kindly gifted me with organic coconut syrup made from 100% pure coconut sap collected from organically grown coconut inflorescence. It is delicious on anything! Tropical Link Canada is a high quality organic food and beverage company – and obviously one of the best brands featured at the Canadian Health Food Association East Trade Show.

KIND  – has an incredible bar perfect for the fall season called “Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt”  The bars have a foundation of five super grains combined with maple syrup and sea-salt-roasted pumpkin seeds. I tried this flavor at the show and couldn’t wait to try it again!

New Roots – Baobab Oil – This miracle oil comes Cold-pressed from the kernel of the baobab fruit, the certified organic Baobab Oil repairs and hydrates skin and damaged, dry hair, and it fights age signs.  This miracle oil is profoundly healing and moisturizing.  See Baobab oil for yourself here! 

Therapeutic benefits of New Roots Baobab Oil include stimulation of skin-cell regeneration. Skin is dynamic, and skin-cell turnover is essential for the skin to serve its physiological role of protecting the entire body from environmental elements that include sun, wind, pollutants, and harmful bacterial and viral infections.

 New Roots Baobab Oil is nongreasy, won’t clog pores, and can restore a youthful glow to your face, hair, and entire body that reflects well on your overall health

Ever looking for a healthy chip? Indian Life has these zesty “Palak Spinach Chips” non-gmo chips that are SO GOOD!


Elan Organic Pineapple Chunks and their fantastic line of quality organic mixes, nuts, dried fruits, seeds and cooking.
Snacks, daily life, hikes, travel, or anytime is the perfect time for Elan’s perfect blend of organic goodness.

Patience Fruit and Co – Dried Cranberries – another top notch brand at this show! See more of their products here.
Hidden Garden makes these delectable cookies!! Coco Cherry Cookies were my ultimate favorite flavor at the show. They  make gluten free cookies that taste really good and have hidden vegetables in them.  This will be your new go to snack.  Their cookies are all natural and made with no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, just high quality ingredients that you can feel good about eating. The Red Velvet cookie flavor was a close second personal favorite!
Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the probiotic benefit of eating fermented foods; Ontario Natural Food Co-Op provided me with a sample of Ontario Naturals organic, raw, living, carrot sauerkraut. Not only do I eat it raw, but I throw it into smoothies sometimes too. Ontario Natural has an incredible vision statement ” Living in a sustainable world from seed to plate”. I love that!
Ontario Natural product lines are absolutely outstanding.

If you enjoy thirst quenching coconut water – Vita Coco is the perfect brand for you. It’s so simple – really! Great tasting, refreshing coconut water. Vita Coco has an array of other revitalizing flavour infused coconut water such as pineapple or lemonade.


Last but definitely not least on this list of Best Brands at The Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show is Matter Company. Matter, whose motto is essentially “The ingredients are the product,” creates all natural product lines focused on holistic healing and the power of plants. Matter Company truly understands the medicinal properties in herbs and applies this to every award winning product they create. At the show I was given Matter: Outdoors Hand Cream which has proven real results. After using this potent hand cream my hands are baby soft!

Matter Company is so good at pampering they have a line for Mom and Baby here!  Matter Company is hands down the perfect fit for new moms and babies!
Matter Company
This informative list of the top global brands to attend the Canadian Health Food Association East Trade Show held in early September in the heart of downtown Toronto Ontario.

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Check out the Brands that made the list last year’s show! 


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