Vega Product Review: Travel Edition! Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer & Electrolyte Hydrator

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How did we sustain and prepare ourselves for a recent production project in the middle of the jungles of Central America? Vega One and Vega Sport products pushed us to stay healthy and active throughout the entire trip! We had a lot of work to do and we couldn’t let anything slow us down. Read the Review of Vega Sport Products HERE. In a controlled study and in an intense climate we put the Vega Pre-Workout Supplements to the ultimate test!

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The 5-Minute Facelift! ALL-Natural TIPS for Healthy, Beautiful Youthful Looking Skin! Absolutely NO surgery!

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What is the 5-Minute FACELIFT? It is the ALL NATURAL way to maintain your youth! This is a NON SURGICAL way to look and feel great!
TRUTH: The way you take care of your body ultimately determines the way you look.
FACT: Eat clean, drink a lot of water, and exercise to retain youthfulness.
Follow these top 5 tips for an all natural facelift! People will wonder how you do it!

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Published! Theresa Longo contributes to the December Edition of AALYYA Magazine available on Apple Newsstand

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Excited to announce Theresa Longo’s feature article in this month’s issue of AALYYA Magazine.

“Aalyya Magazine is an exciting monthly publication dedicated to women – with exciting articles written by a wide selection of relationships experts from around the world,” Check it out HERE! …

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5 Canadian Fashion Designers who shine! Theresa Recommends the Hottest Trends in Ethical Fashion.

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Here are 5 handpicked authentic Canadian Fashion designers who practice sustainability as well as social and economical responsibility as an alternative to large global brands that profit from unfair working conditions. Fashion is a statement about ‘Who I am’ today. It changes all the time. Shopping local allows unique businesses to create character and prosper. I love to know I exert influence over my purchasing choices. Fashion helps us show the world who we are while depicting our personality … so let’s choose designers we can look and feel great about!

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How to Avoid Junk Food, Stop Self Sabotage, and Discover 6 Pack Abs! Follow these Tips for Fast Fitness Results…

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Halloween is over and you are probably left with a heaping pile of junk food laying around somewhere.
It’s tempting to treat yourself to a helping here or a helping there.
If you want to lose weight the best way is to control your face – and what goes directly into it.

Getting a firm grasp on your diet is not easy. It is the hard part about being in shape.

A lot of people say “Oh – I can’t wait until I hit my goal weight and then I can cheat on my diet” – but the truth is everything counts. You always have to work off what you put into your mouth – EVEN when you’re already fit.

Read this post to arm yourself with the right diet tools to avoid the temptation of junk food and stick to it!

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Read This to Boost Your Success Rate! Professional Actors Use These Tips:

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Here are my top 8 Tips to land your next big audition & get more call backs while glowing & growing your awesome IMAGE!
These tips will ensure you enjoy a thoroughly enriched, long lasting career in the entertainment industry.

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