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Professional Secrets for Speaking in Public!

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For some people – public speaking is the last thing on earth they would enjoy doing. Perhaps you are getting nervous right now just thinking about it! If so, this is a perfect post to help you adopt some new techniques for controlling the way you feel about speaking in public. Here are my best public speaking tips and secrets to completely quell any fears you may have about addressing an audience.

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Better Business Essentials: Branding, Money & Virality

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When broken down into their most basic, fundamental forms – “brands” are essentially all the same. Brands that you are able to identify share a common denominator: all identifiable ‘brands’ – were once just ideas.

All major labels and each of the latest trends started out on level playing field in terms of business development. What separates popular brands from the unpopular ones?

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Model Tips: How to Pose Perfectly Every Time!

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A sharp sense to hone as a public figure is to always know when the camera is capturing you. Furthermore, knowing great poses is essential to being a fantastic model. There are many important tips to remember to strike the perfect pose every time; I have compiled my best posing tips into this post for you to practice and enjoy!

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5 year Flashback: Theresa Longo SPORTS a Sexy Fox Racing Bikini!

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Flashback to 2008 and International Model Theresa Longo poses in a Fox Racing Bikini. Photos by Karl Asta. Hair and Makeup by Paul Asta Hair Salon
Theresa says: “Summer photo shoots are my favorite!!”

Here are some of the photos …. All shot by Karl Asta.
Background on the  shoot: “Karl and I have had a lot of great times over the years making awesome photos. You can visit their salon ‘Asta Hair Salon’, tucked away in the North end of Peterborough.
We shot these at Karl’s home.”



Throwback to 2008: I am super duper tanned! 😀  Love rocking short hair .
* Bikini by Fox



TIPS! When planning a photoshoot….

Things to Think About!:
– Location, Location, Location!
-Wardrobe, Shoes
– Photographer; or, if you are a photographer, the Model!

Location is important.

Where do you love to shoot?

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Skin Care

Get Glowing Summer Skin Now!

By Advice, Beauty Secrets, Beauty Tips, How-To, Inspiration, International, Make-Up, Model Stuff, Modeling Tips, Social Media, Theresa Longo

Summer is here! One of the greatest feelings is being fresh faced and enjoying outdoor activities in the sunshine!
Here are my best tips for Glowing Summer Skin:

1. ALWAYS wear spf 60 on your face, hands, neck and chest. This prevents aging and wrinkles where it matters most.

2. After every application of sunscreen or oil, –  exfoliate after cleansing. Lotions and sticky sunscreens wreck havoc on your pores. Always scrub breakout prone areas with an exfoliating scrub. Vichy or Proactiv has gentle facewashes which can be used multiple times daily.

3. Flaxseed – Ground Flaxseed added to cereal or a shake in the morning will make your skin glow.

4. Drink Water! Drink extra water in the summer time. Aim for 3-4 litres a day at least!

5. Resist the urge to touch your skin. Ever. Keep your fingers away from face, chest, back, always!

6. Use C&E peptides

7. Take extra care of yourself! If you sweat, hit the shower ASAP!

8. Watch what you eat. Diet is important. Cut sweets, meat, and dairy to ensure your skin is perfect.
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9. Relax your face! Practice relaxing your face more often. This will minimize frown lines. I have done this for years.

10. Remove makeup every single night before bed! Washing your face before bed should be a bedtime ritual!

Remember: Sometimes skin does what it wants! No one ever has “perfect skin” 🙂 These tips are meant to help you better manage the beautiful skin you’re in!

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