5 Canadian Fashion Designers who shine! Theresa Recommends the Hottest Trends in Ethical Fashion.

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Here are 5 handpicked authentic Canadian Fashion designers who practice sustainability as well as social and economical responsibility as an alternative to large global brands that profit from unfair working conditions. Fashion is a statement about ‘Who I am’ today. It changes all the time. Shopping local allows unique businesses to create character and prosper. I love to know I exert influence over my purchasing choices.  Fashion helps us show the world who we are while depicting our personality … so let’s choose designers we can look and feel great about!

Here are my top 5 favorite fashion designers:

1. Simons Clothing  Specifically their TWIK line of clothing. Twik clothes are often made in Canada and are ethically sourced clothes. The story of La Maison Simons begins when Peter Simons was born in 1785. Steadily growing since, Simons has store locations in Montreal and Edmonton. Even one hundred and sixty-five years after it was founded, Simons pursues its rising fortune and continues to be recognized as Quebec’s fashion leader despite increasingly stiff competition in the retail market. in 2011 Peter Simons announces the construction of an eighth store located at Galeries d’Anjou on Montreal Island. He also confirms the launch of major expansion outside Quebec with the first store at West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping centre in North America and a primary tourist attraction in western Canada. Check out the  Twik brand here.


2. Kollontai . From Kollontai.com : “Kollontaï is the fashion label of Gabrielle Tousignant and a workshop employing over twenty people who share a passion for made-in-Canada fashion apparel! From the first creative impulse to the final stitch, all stages of the design and manufacturing process take place in our Montréal-based workshop. Each one of the garments combines uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, comfort, and quality. The rich interplay of colors, textures, transparencies and lace create a distinctive style inspired by lingerie. Our intricately made creations are designed to fit feminine forms.” Shop online or check out a list of retail locations here.

3. Jerico is Canadian Made and classic! From their website: “JERICO  is  a  manufacturer  of  quality  wholesale  apparel  and  has  been  producing  in  Canada  since  its  inception. Every  facet  of  the  garment,  from  the  knitting  of  its  yarn,  the  dyeing  of  its  fibers  to  its  final  assembly  has  its  roots  in  Canada.  This  local  production  enables  us  to  respond  quickly  to  the  changing  marketplace  and  bring  a  level  of  customization  with   lower  minimums  and  faster  delivery  times.”  Jerico prides itself on being socially conscious while being fashion forward.

4. Jacob – Made in Canada Collection  – Jacob’s mantra is “100% Made in Canada, 100% Chic” – & it shows. CHIC is an infectious ‘’joie de vivre’’ that lights up a room.  Jacob has a stellar collection of adorable dresses, printed shirts, leggings and more. The Jacob signature is to “Live Chic and Love Jacob,”. In my opinion Jacob is so easy to love!  Get the looks online or in many retail locations across the country. This is clothing you can feel wonderful wearing.


5. Le Château – Here are just some of the many examples of the hottest fashion trends from Le Chateau which are entirely made in Canada.  Le Château is a Canadian specialty retailer and manufacturer of contemporary fashion apparel, accessories, and footwear at value pricing for style-conscious women and men of all ages. From a family owned Montreal based business to an internationally recognized fashion house, Le Château’s  fashion-forward image continues to inspire and engage its stylish clientele at home and abroad. Le Château is pleased to offer “high-quality, in-house designed accessible luxury clothing, shoes and accessories to a broadening unisex customer base.”

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Pick up summer wardrobe essentials knowing you’ve made ethical, morally sound choices in clothing. Make a statement that shows you care about the world around you while leading the trend in wearing the hottest Canadian made designs.

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