ALL the BEST Tips to Boost your Modeling Career!

Theresa Longo
The following topics provide an overview of my ‘Career Boost Class’.
I recently taught aspiring models of all ages at the gorgeous studio loft at STRUTT Central tips to boost their modeling career. 

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Class topics focus on PR, Nutrition, Image / Branding  / Styling,  Motivational Speaking, Modeling Tips &  tricks, & the reality behind the business of modeling. Features of this class include ‘Your very Own Autograph Signing’, ‘The Royal Ball’! as well as a TOP Model Pose Off!

* Note Pads provided* Activity: Draw YOU in 10 years.  Everything you write down matters. A lot. Always only write positive information.  Always plan ahead. Write your goals as if they are happening now.
Class introduction include updates, including what I am working on now.
Recap of previous class: Mini Photo Shoot. Know  3 -4 key poses on the spot.

Confidence Boosters, Motivation & The business of Modeling (includes Social Media, Online Presence,  Online Business Tips)

Promotional modeling is all about image. You are everyone’s sweetheart!
In classes, I speak about the difference between Promotional Modeling and other types of modeling.
Where do you fit in? What interests you? What aspect of the business appeals to you? COMMENT BELOW 🙂
Often I classify myself as a Brand Ambassador for numerous corporate brands.

NutritionHere are the Health tips I have learned. We examine the impact of food on our health & well being.
Dealing with the public! TIPS FOR BEING IN THE PUBLIC EYE

In promotional modelling -we never really know whats going on with many of them! -Identify & scan people. Interally identify our reactions to people

Class Interaction: Your very own autograph Signing! BONUS: PR tips
The Interactive Challenge: You have your very own autograph signing. You will deal with a few fans stopping by your table.
Significance: Important to be aware of the general public. Teaches handling tips and real life scenarios as you meet and greet a lot of people. I share all my various experiences.

4. Instruction: Write ideas down. Plan. Photo shoot ideas. Show ideas. Aspiring runway dreams.

Important info to guide you onto the most rewarding and successful career path: School is important | Studying & Learning | My Experience at Trent University | Taking care of yourself! | Pacing yourself | Establish a routine|

Areas of Study: Study speech, dance, drama, and fashion design. As you delve deeper into the ‘job of modeling’ you will notice models must take care of their appearance at all times. Skin, hair, nails, and clothes must be well thought out. Models must know how to dress and apply makeup to achieve different kinds of looks.

  • 1. Set a goal. Remember there are modeling opportunities for almost everyone. SET S.M.A.R.T GOALS:  Make sure that you fit into the one that best suits you and your goals.
  • 2. Be you, and be the best you can be. You will have times when this business will get you down and that is ok, if this is what you really want …reach for your goals.
  • 3. Ambition. A model goes after her goals. You need to work hard. You won’t become a model by sitting at home and waiting for agents to come to you
  • 4. Confidence. Clients are looking for someone who is self-assured and can sell their product.
  • 5. Do not be discouraged. You need to be able to handle the rejection. You can’t always’ meet all the client’s expectations. Some weeks you will go to multiple auditions and might NOT get a call back!
  • 6. Independence. You may have to travel for a modeling job. Models even move to a big city to pursue a full time career.
  • 7. Organization. You need keep track of the different dates, times and locations of appointments. You need to show up to appointments and go-sees on time.
  • 8. Health and Stamina. Some modeling jobs will require you to work on your feet all day in all kinds of whether. Be sure to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and rest well.
  • 9. Strength and Will-Power. A lot of models get invited to a lot of parties where there may be a lot of drugs. You must have strength and will-power to keep from drugs and too much partying. Image is important to a long-lasting, successful modeling career
  • 10. Guidance. Because this is a very competitive field, aspiring should seek advice from a professional model, an agent, a fashion designer, or a photographer

The CLASS Challenge: Interaction: The Pose Off! – We create a quick runway series where you pose Pose POSE! Ladies line up ‘backstage’ at the Miu Miu Fall Fashion show. 2016. The task is to walk out & Do their own FIERCEST pose!

Instruction: Casting Calls, What to wear. How do you prepare for photo shoots? Is there a model you aspire to be like? What are people’s reactions to your modeling?  *Comment Below*
The Challenge: The Royal Ball! At the Royal Ball… You must always be regal. One must even talk regal while attending this ball! Confidence is a must!

Class Interaction: Sometimes I liken promotional modeling / modeling-life-in-general to attending a ‘Royal Ball’. It is also how you look and speak in the presence of greatness! (ie/ The General Public)
You can play the part of anything you wish to create! * in a circle  speaking to our right We eat a healthy, nutritious snack in quite royal fashion! *Snacks Provided*

Questions about launching your modeling career:

How do I do this? How do I do that? What if I … ? I have always wondered how to…
Modeling is your dream. These are the steps you take to create your reality. Maybe you are wondering how you can get the most out of your photo shoots. You may wonder what steps you should take if you are just starting out in the business.
Regardless of your age or gender, you can model! Ask me anything. Theresa Longo on Twitter. 


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  • Hi Teresa , I work with ford models NYC ( ford direct) is my board. I’m on my way to Europe to experience the market over there since I have being 8 years in the USA .
    I do work well but I don’t think my agents push me hard enough. I always look for a good manager that can take care of me and give me advices but I was never able to find a real one. Can you please give me any idea of what to do . Or can you explain me better what you do?
    Thank you so much for your time .

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