Read This to Boost Your Success Rate! Professional Actors Use These Tips:


Tips to land your next big audition, get more call backs while glowing & growing your awesome IMAGE:
These pointers ensure you enjoy a thoroughly enriched, long lasting career.

Although this post is directed mostly at those in the entertainment industry, people from every career sector can benefit from some of these important tips.

Know your poses & best angles! 

Eat Healthy  & Keep Fit!

Own A SOLID, Updated Headshot  and resume. Have everything – including a film reel.

Be Early.
If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time you are late and if you are late you’re fired.

No excuses. No one wants to hear an excuse. You are always in control.


Consider wardrobe, image, and brand. Boost your Instagram Account by taking THESE STEPS and start by getting more RT’s to potentially gain more Twitter Followers.

Keep Studying! Know your lines. Find Ways to Make Studying Work for you.

ALWAYS go to auditions. Every one you are called to. Go to them all. BE EARLY. You never know who you will meet.

Get a great Make Up Artist or hire someone to help you with branding, marketing and PR.  It’s worth it.

Diversify. Hone your talents. Have more than one talent. & know what you are good at.

Have strong social media presence across multiple relevant platforms. .

Always invest in your career. It costs hundreds of dollars to do head shots, sign up to casting websites, get memberships to casting sites, make a demo reel,  and/or retain an agent. It is worth every penny.

Enjoy these helpful tips to ensure you attend all the important red carpet events, ace your next script read, or take perfect pictures at your next professional photo shoot.
Follow these tips if you are a model, performer, actor/actress and are serious about growing your career!

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Recording Artist, Guitarist & Songwriter Theresa Longo | Photos © Hans Janzen

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About Theresa

Canadian Feature Film Actress & International Model. Qualifications include live television, feature film, radio experience, TV Host, event production, & PR. Theresa flexes her knowledge of brand development and marketing while pursing a career in the arts industry in the heart of downtown Toronto. Skilled as a strategic marketing & planning expert, Theresa Longo travels nationally and internationally as a Corporate Brand Ambassador and loves to write and record original music.

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