Model Tips: How to Pose Perfectly Every Time!


A sharp sense to hone as a public figure is to always know when the camera is capturing you. Furthermore, knowing great poses is essential to being a fantastic model. There are many important tips to remember to strike the perfect pose every time; I have compiled my best posing tips into this post for you to practice and enjoy!

Perfect Your Pose! All the Best Tips for Taking Perfect Pictures – Every Time:

1. Eyes – It is critical to know what your eyes are doing every time you are photographed. When a lens is pointed at you, focus on the lens and try not to blink for a couple seconds. I can tell right away if I have blinked for a shot.
You can look directly down the lens of the camera – or choose to look away for a shot. Depending on the shot – where your eyes fall can dramatically change the mood of the photo. I mix it up for sure – but for the most part I look straight down the lens of the camera.
POSING TIP: For the BEST HEADSHOTS – make sure you look directly down the lens of the camera with your head straight to get a quality headshot.
Here’s an example of an excellent Headshot:


2012 Lee Erdman Photo : Actress Theresa Longo

Here’s an example of how you can practice looking away from the camera.


David Lopez Photo

2. Know your poses! Get an App to help you with new poses. Here’s one for ANDROID. There are apps for iphone as well – or you can look online for additional inspiration.  Create movement and shape for your photos. If you are comfortable in front of the camera try walking toward the camera for shots, try jumping or twirling. Try many different poses and don’t be afraid to take a ‘bad photo’. If you know and trust your photographer this will not be a problem. Lastly, a great photographer only posts photos that the model is most comfortable with. The best photographers in the world are those who ensure the model is happy! Make it your rule to work with considerate photographers who have your well-being in mind.

3. Give Great Face! Relax your face and know what your face is doing at all times for the shot. Be conscious of how you move your face. It matters. Look in the mirror and know your best looks, smiles,  and facial expressions. If there is sunlight – be careful not to squint or contort your face. It is highly difficult but it matters. Regardless of your status as a model; you want to look good in your shots. FOCUS on the moment and relax your face.

Here the sun is shining … and I am not squinting!


David Lopez Photo

4. Point your hips away from the camera to give your body the best shape. Here’s an example of what I mean. Notice how my hips are the farthest thing from the camera. You know you are doing this right when all your weight is on your back leg and you could lift your front leg up if you wanted to. Notice how my hips are angled away from the camera in this shot…


Efren Chimbo Photo

5. Recognize your light sources. Be careful not to block the light with your hands when you pose. Remember to put your face toward the best light source. POSING TIP: Look for the light!

6. Point your toes at the camera to elongate your legs! This shot makes my legs look extra long because I pointed my toes at the camera in this shot. Remember to point your toes toward the camera to give you the best shape and the longest legs!


Efren Chimbo Photo

 7. Keep the photo-shoot short, simple, and know when to call it quits! Pay attention to how you feel as a model when you are shooting. It takes a lot of work to be conscious of your entire body, fingers, eyes and face all at the same time!

8. Have a key set of poses in your repertoire. Know about 5 of your best poses. Practicing in front of a mirror helps tremendously. Keep those ‘Go To’ Poses in mind when you are at your next photo shoot!

9. TIMING- timing is highly important. Make sure to hold each pose until you hear the camera click. After you hear the click off the shutter you have approximately 1-3 seconds to change your pose. If you are working with flash and you know the flash did not trigger for the photo, hold the same pose to allow the photographer another chance at the shot. It is important to get ‘in sync’ with the photographer and it is highly appreciated by photographers everywhere.

10. MOST OF ALL: Have Fun!

I sincerely hope these posing tips help you at your next photo shoot!


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