Canadian International Model Shares: Secrets of the stars! The BEST Beauty TIPS!

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RISE N GLAM!  Today’s blog is all about beauty tips and tricks for the ladies. The key to seeing & achieving results is actually quite easy: everything boils down to consistency. It is important to create a pattern for yourself so that following these steps becomes part of your lifestyle. I am here to share my ultimate beauty must haves. These are the things I cannot live without..

  • Always Wash your face & brush\floss before bed.

    This sounds so old fashioned, but it is SO true. It is so important to remember to always go to bed fresh faced. Washing your face before bed gives your skin a chance to breathe. Wash your face even if you aren’t wearing much make up. Throughout the day, dust, pollen, pollution, grime & natural oils settle on your face. Washing your face before bed will keep your skin looking so young. Similarly, remembering to brush your teeth & floss will keep your smile healthy & pretty. I swear by this routine before bed.

  • Baking Soda

    To whiten your teeth. My Nani told me this when I was young and I do it all the time. Just sprinkle some on your toothbrush before you brush with toothpaste. It really works for me! I have never had braces and I have never visited the dentist to get whitening.

  • Honey or Maple Syrup

      1. As a face mask.  A thin layer on your face for 10-15 minutes every few months brightens your skin.
        Why? It is anti-aging; lessens the appearance of fine lines; makes your skin bright! I put it on when I paint my nails.
      2.  To eat! Use it in your tea instead of sugar. It actually helps you to fight colds. It is a natural syrup. It is full of naturally occurring sugars & vitamins.  Honey protects your cells against damage.  It is full of antioxidants. I always use honey instead of sugar. Maple syrup is full of minerals due to the maple trees extending their roots deep into the earth and creating nutritious syrup. Sweet can be so good.
  • Water!

    1. Highly important to drink a ton of water. As you age your thirst mechanism actually slows.  Water hydrates, plumps your skin, & improves circulation. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, drink 1L of water & it will wake your brain up just the same.
    2. Here is a link to my favorite place to buy BPA-Free, Glass water bottles. My Life Factory Bottle is Red. I have a 600 mL bottle & I make sure I drink the entire bottle several times a day. I picked up a splash guard for mine but you don’t necessarily need one. I use mine all the time without it and I am pretty slick at minimizing spillage.  Click Here to get yours!  I drink 2.5 –  3 liters during the day.It equals about 6-8 bottles of water. Its very important to spread it out over the course of the day. Too much water at once isn’t good – you  can literally flood yourself! I drink 500mL every couple hours.
  1. As makeup remover.  It is so gentle on your eyes. It literally allows you to wipe off make up so easily. It leaves your skin bright too. I use this to remove stubborn make-up.
  2.  As Moisturizer C & E peptides are my favorite before bed serum.
    Buy Vivier products at Canada’s Best Spa
  •  Moisturize Often!

    To ensure skin looks young and vibrant: always moisturize. Legs and arms. Remember your hands and neck! If you want to have baby soft hands, make sure you reapply as many times as you remember.

  • The Green Beaver SunScreen.  ALWAYS wear it! Even if it isn’t “hot”.  Particularly on face neck and on the backs of my hands.

    I use CHEMICAL FREE Green Beaver Company SPF 

    The highest (over 60)SPF for face and keep many travel bottles around the house, in my purse, and in my carry on. Wear SPF in the wintertime. You will notice a massive difference in the youthfulness of your skin. (UPDATE) I also opt to cover my face. I just ordered two facekini for surfing!

Lastly, one of the best things you can do for your body is to lower your level of stress. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT THE BEST WAYS TO LOWER YOUR STRESS.
Lowering your stress level also means sticking to a consistent workout routine. It doesn’t have to be a hardcore workout. Just get moving!

Leave your favorite beauty tip below!
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