Ryan the Tour Guide: Costa Rica Chronicles

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When you visit beautiful Costa Rica, you definitely want to take a tour with Ryan!

I am so blessed to have toured the Southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula with him.

Ryan, a seasoned surf veteran, hailing from Long Beach California, grew up surfing, life-guarding, and basically spending boat loads of time at the ocean. An all around excellent tour guide, he made my trip radical from the moment I set foot in his truck, & here’s why…

Ryan’s years of surf experience coupled with his Life Guarding Skills make him a perfect travel companion.
Armed with a laid back, easy going attitude, and extensive knowledge about Costa Rica, Ryan provides his travel companions with a unique travel experience, having lived in Costa Rica for the past 6+ years of his life.
Not only is Ryan a certified surf instructor, and life guard, he also knows CPR, and is highly trained in various life saving techniques. In fact, during our trip to Montezuma beach, Ryan ended up putting his life guarding skills to use three times in a gnarly rip tide. Ryan saved the lives of 3 people on our second day of touring. That is a pretty mind blowing feat.

Ryan chose the awesome local hot spots we stopped in at to eat. We were served incredible local dishes, the best tasting fish I have ever had,  (Cesado Pescado), the most cultural experience you could ever ask for. In Playa Hermosa, Ryan brought along his paddle surf board and the water conditions were perfect for me to explore. Afterward, while stopped at a place west of Playa Hermosa Ryan encouraged me to up the ante in terms of my ‘cultural experience’. He looked at me and said, ‘Walk up to the bar and ask what they are drinking, and order one of those shots with [locals]’. So, I sauntered up to the bar, albeit nervously, as I am definitely not a drinker,  & was told that they were drinking Guaro. Guaro is a local Costa Rican beverage derived from sugar cane. They referred to it as ‘Cacique’.  I choked down a shot and was having an outright blast at this little bar in Playa Hermosa. Having done this shot with the locals, I realized I never would have done any of this sort of thing on my own. Ryan pushed me to have the most cultural experience ever!

The weather changes in an instant in Costa Rica, & a downpour occurred mid day while we were in this local drinking locale. After eating we packed up and continued on our way.

We piled into Ryan’s used looking Datsun, which is a force to be reckoned with. Ryan’s truck was perfect for all conditions in Costa Rica, washed out roads, steep inclines, drop offs, mud, water, you name it. With a flat bed on the back, we were able to bring along everything from Paddle Surf Equipment, Surf Boards, Portable Hammocks, & Cabuya, (Ryan’s adorable trusty canine companion)! Ryan’s truck maneuvered everywhere. We traveled on roads I never thought we’d be able to navigate, & Ryan did it ALL. I was smack-dab in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle, & I can honestly say I felt like I was touring around with my best friend enjoying the sights and sounds of Costa Rica. Ryan is a real stand up, incredible guy!

While we were in Playa Hermosa a big tour bus stopped in front of us while we were stopped to eat. Many people got out in the rain, I couldn’t help being so grateful for such a unique experience with Ryan. Those people were probably paying a lot to have that experience alone! After seeing their bus pull up I indefinitely concluded touring with a local is the best way to see the sights. I was one on one with a tour guide, telling Ryan all my vacation dreams and he was making it all come true. I could not imagine trying to travel around without Ryan. Ryan speaks perfect English, and Spanish. It would be extremely difficult to replicate the type of experience I had with Ryan as my tour guide, with let’s say, a Spanish Speaking Taxi Driver taking me around. Not only that, I still would not have had the same type of adventure. Traveling with a local is the way to go, & Ryan is your best bet.

You must talk to Ryan if you want to travel the Nicoya peninsula. Ryan has all bases covered.

Ryan got me to paddle surf from Cabuya to Cabuya Island, just because it would be fun. It was an incredible memory. I never would have done those things on my own. Ryan’s prices are fair, affordable, and it is extremely worthwhile to book a tour with Ryan at Hotel Buenisimo. Ryan will make your trip fabulous, hands down.

On the second day of touring, as we were driving to catch the sunset, Ryan took me to a known spot to be frequented by Howler Monkeys. We traveled down a road which was intersected by a water crossing. He parked us right underneath the treetops, & low & behold, behind us on the road tourists stopped,  to ask us ‘if it was safe to cross the road’. Ryan had already got across & he wasn’t worried at all. I felt like a local. Ryan even surprised me with melon on the beach, as a treat! & brought along a portable hammock which can be secured to the truck & a tree. I won’t give away all Ryan’s secrets, but I cannot even begin to describe how awesome this was. He is such a superb tour guide, he asked me to give him my camera for photos. Ryan takes all the photos you want on the tour! He even directed me in some shots! I could not have asked for a more perfect tour guide. Ryan definitely made my entire trip to Costa Rica magnificent. Hands down, best tour guide ever.

To book a tour with Ryan Call 011 506 8993 0251


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