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5 Ways To Reach Financial Freedom!

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If you want happiness, freedom, power and money in this life, making small adjustments ensures you’re able to go wherever you want, when you want, all while saving up a huge nest egg. It is possible to live the life you dream, debt free, ALL while saving. These tips will help you do just that…

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10 Reasons to Try Vegetarianism!

By Beauty Secrets, Beauty Tips, Fitness, Inspiration, Uncategorized

I stopped eating dairy & animal products and amazing things happened. I embrace this diet the right way. I enjoy practicing veganism. (5+ Years Now!) I lost and gained weight in all the right places, and toned up! I eat better, feel healthier, and do a LOT more to make the world a better place. You can accomplish these goals by making a switch too… Read this post to find out HOW!

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Going Vegetarian: A Guide on How to Make the Transition to Vegetarian/Vegan

By Advice, Beauty Secrets, Beauty Tips, Fitness, How-To, Inspiration

I am a practicing vegan for several years. I feel great. I am in excellent shape although you can judge for yourself .
I positively influence several of my close friends to adopt a healthier lifestyle through diet choices alone.
A lot of people would love to eat vegetarian or vegan; however many people lament to me “I could never do that…”

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How to Find & Work with the Best Photographers

By Business Tips, Modeling Tips, Photoshoots

Through the years I shot with hundreds of photographers with varying levels of experience and dedication. I write this post to share with you what separates the ‘best from the rest’ in terms of choosing a photographer, building a portfolio and collaborating on ideas. This post will guide you in your decision making process; outlining steps you should take when forming a decision about who to work with in this complex industry. This post has excellent tips for established models but is mainly aimed at models entering the business…

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How To Make Your Instagram Photos Pop! Instagram Success Tips & Tricks!

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Instagram is huge! Are you gramming? Follow me @theresalongo on instagram. Nowadays people want a lot of likes, followers and comments on photos. True grammers know and love the moment they upload a new, awesome, instagram photo and then refresh 20 times to see all the likes/comments from friends. Instagram allows you to hashtag posts to ensure your photo is viewable by all those in the same hashtag category. Here are the best tips to follow if you want to gain more followers and make the most out of your instagram experience.

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