In pregnancy I gained almost 60 lbs. Despite eating clean and healthy (I kept my diet relatively the same as pre-pregnancy) I still way overshot the recommended 25 lb weight gain. After I had my sweet baby I wasn’t convinced I’d lose all the weight.  6 weeks post-baby, cleared to work out, I still had 40 lbs of baby weight to lose. I thought “How am I going to lose 40 lbs?! That’s a lot!”

The  most important aspect of this: love yourself at any weight.

5 weeks postpartum, people in my extended family made snide comments saying I was bloated and washed up.  Can you imagine hearing these things as a new mom? I didn’t listen.
I looked and loved my body with an extra 40 lbs  and saw ME. I didn’t care or self-criticize my size, but I did want to be able to do the intense physical activity (like surf) with ease.

An important part of your journey is you have to TRUST yourself. I KNEW without a doubt, in my heart, I’d go back to “the way I was,” … “even better” than before in fact. I silently accepted criticisms and allowed them to fly right out the window. I love myself; the opinions of others do not matter.
I knew, when I lost all the weight, I’d have the last laugh; and I did.


3 months post-baby!

Here’s How To Lose Baby Weight, Fast


  1. Eat healthy – This seems obvious but it’s true. You aren’t pregnant anymore but it doesn’t mean a total throwaway of your good eating habits. Cut unnecessary sugar. EAT A TON of protein. Load up on fruits and veggies to your heart’s content. 
  2. Use Prana Brush to detox. It is relaxing, stimulates your lymphatic system and helps your body eliminate toxins.
  3. Drink a ton of water. Aim for 4-5L per day.
  4. Do Intense Exercise! I surfed. Do something you LOVE so it doesn’t suck. I made a point to go surfing almost each day for a couple months. Surfing is intense. It exhausts you. Do something that totally depletes your energy. Walking is OK, but high intensity interval training is better. Think high cardio activities that make your muscles hurt the next day. Cycling, boxing, circuit training, tennis! Have someone close to you watch the baby for an hour and go give it your all. Sweat it out. My husband encouraged me to compete in a surf competition when baby was just 16 weeks old. I’d trained for 10 weeks!
  5. SWEAT. Speaking of sweating. I spent my time in tropical equatorial heat, aka the middle of the jungle. In Costa Rica, I sweat changing from a sitting to a standing position. Replicate this by jumping in a sauna for 20 minutes a day if you have access to it. Make sure you are cleared medically to use the sauna.
  6. Breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories a day. It also makes you super hungry SO EAT healthy! Eat often! Eat a lot. Imagine, breastfeeding coupled with your intense workout can burn up to 1000 calories in one day. That’s a POUND every few days. Breastfeeding is like a marathon. Never be discouraged. Some days you may feel your supply is low and tempted to give up. That’s when you need to PUMP or breastfeed even MORE. Build up that supply. I was struggling in the third month to keep up with baby; she was eating everything I had! I kept pumping every two hours and getting her to feed as much as she wanted. By month 4 I was able to pump 15-20 oz more than she was drinking every day. Stay the course. Don’t give up on it, your body will thank you. Power through it!
  7. Have confidence. It doesn’t matter what number your weight is. It’s how you feel about yourself. I didn’t care if I still weighed 35 more than usual and people were cracking fat jokes at my expense. (Ok, it did hurt, I remember feeling good about flipping them off) but DEEP DOWN, I always knew I’d prove these people wrong. That was my ‘revenge’. I’d get my ‘body back’; there was no doubt in my mind. Knowing this, meant I was content at whatever weight my body was. You have to believe in yourself that you will do it, it just takes time. My husband said to me it takes 9 months to put all the weight on and 9 months to take it all off. Ease up on yourself with NO pressure. Ignore my timeline, and go at your own pace. I’m just here to motivate you and give insight into how I lost all the baby weight quickly.
  8. Love YOURSELF. That’s right, at any size. Because size truly doesn’t matter. It is fun being curvy with extra weight. Just a continuation of the previous bullet point – make sure you think of several things about yourself that you love each day. Be grateful you have a brand new baby. It is such an exciting time! Enjoy your baby.
  9. Utilize baby! Carry baby often (plus it helps prevent flat-head syndrome). When she was a wee one I had her in my arms all day. (No, you cannot spoil them). She quickly got to 20 lbs at 20 weeks old and carrying her around with me became an intense workout all on it’s own. Just going up and down stairs with her several times a day made my arms ache by the end of the day. It also allows you to bond more with baby. Bonus!
  10. Weigh yourself in the morning, after you’ve pumped out all your milk and gone for a pee. 🙂 Milk is heavy stuff!
    It gives you an accurate representation of your base weight. (And it’s an awesome trick to get the number a little lower, instantly)!

This post is meant to motivate and inspire!  Hope you enjoyed tips to lose baby weight fast. Love and trust in yourself, it will all work out exactly as it is supposed to be. Be proud of you and be easy on yourself. Write a comment. How did you find pregnancy weight gain? Did you find it easy to lose the weight? What did you do to feel like yourself again after baby? Did you bounce back quickly or did it take years? Write your own tips to get fit after baby!
Everyone has their own journey to be proud of.
You are beautiful.



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