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What’s the item I found MOST USEFUL as a MOM? Daisy Gro swaddle blankets. My “baby” is three now and we still use them for cuddles, blankets on cool stroller or wagon rides, picnic or beach towels and more.

Daisy Gro is an innovative, high quality company specializing in baby products that will make MOM life easier. I first saw a woman wearing her very calm baby wrapped in a Daisy Gro swaddle at one of my visits with the midwife. Her baby was so content at 2 weeks old. I went home and ordered the Extra Soft Cuddle Time Wrap and it arrived in days.


I used it while she was a newborn up until about a year old. She is such a big baby and reached 25 lbs quickly, otherwise I would have used it even longer.


Daisy Gro made a day of travel super easy with baby. I was pumping too! 🙂 Mom life!

DaisyGro wrap allows greater bonding with baby while freeing up your hands. Be hands free, go shopping or do laundry! Do everything with your little bundle of joy cozily snuggled up to your warm body.

Features of The DaisyGro Wrap:

  • Quality extra soft cotton / spandex blend
  • Breathable and soft material making it cool and comfy for you and your baby
  • Safe for newborns, babies and toddlers up to 35lbs
  • Easy to use – no complicated straps
  • Stretchy material perfect for breastfeeding
  • Can help ease the discomfort of colic / reflux
  • Gives you back your hands whilst allowing you to have close contact with your baby more of the time
  • Regular and plus size option
  • Comes in a handy bag
    Daisy Gro Wrap

    Un-Wrapping Daisy Gro Cuddle Time Wrap/Sling – Click the Photo to Get Yours!

Super Soft Baby Swaddle Blankets

Line the stroller or wagon with one after the beach, use it as a crib blanket a beach towel, use as a wrap or it can something to sit on for picnic. There are so many more uses!

Photo by Mom, Theresa Longo Silvina is a Daisy Gro Girl with her Daisy Gro blankie lining the stroller.

More much needed products from Daisy Gro with a multitude of uses, Super Soft Baby Swaddle Blankets.

In the baby stage, swaddled babies can experience less anxiety and feel calmer. This can be a fantastic sleep remedy for baby and you too. I used to swaddle baby in a blanket when we were going in the tub in the early days. She’d feed and get comfy then I’d slowly open the swaddle to let her experience the water. It was a fantastic way to introduce her to water gradually the first two weeks.

DaisyGro offers you the finest super soft muslin cotton on the market, perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. Your baby will sleep soundly swaddled in this material. Not only are they super soft – they’re also very breathable helping your baby sleep more comfortably.

Multi Use Tip! – So many uses for one item….Daisy Gro Swaddle Blankets can be used as a blanket, changing table cover, burp blanket, nursing cover or even a picnic blanket, the list really is endless!


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Bamboo Hooded Animal Towel

Cuteness overload!

The DaisyGro Bamboo Hooded Animal Towel is THICK, FLUFFY, SUPER ABSORBENT and FAST DRYING. DaisyGro bamboo fibres are super soft ensuring there is NO IRRITATION next to baby’s delicate skin!

Bamboo is up to 4X more absorbent than cotton so baby will quickly become dry and cozy encouraging a peaceful night’s sleep following bath time! Bamboo is antibacterial and thermal regulating, keeping your little one at a comfortable temperature. Bamboo also provides natural UV protection making the DaisyGro hooded towel a must have for beach and pool holidays!

The DaisyGro Bamboo Hooded Animal Towel is larger than most, this makes it a perfect size for newborns, babies, toddlers and older children too! #DaisyGroTowel


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The Daisy Gro Swaddles, Wraps, Towels and Bibs are truly the best on the market. A best-seller on Amazon, it’s easy to see why they are so popular when you see Daisy Gro in action.
Daisy Gro makes mommas and babies happy!



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