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(SEO = Search Engine Optimization)

Search engines have potential to move your brand to the top of results. Propel your brand to reach new heights with these simple SEO success strategies.

Many people pay a trusted brand consultant like for SEO Success.

We are always aware of the latest technologies, developments & updates in the web-world and decided to share with you some of the best secrets for SEO success in 2023!
What are the things you can do right now to make your brand stand out?
Find helpful secrets for SEO success in this article.

1. Name your files 

When you are uploading material to anywhere, make sure you give your file a proper name so that it will be indexed and better ranked by search engines. You want to give a file a name relevant to keywords you hope to be known for.

For example, instead of just taking a photo on iphone & publishing it to social media. Take a moment to rename the file. What do you want to be known for? “Best+Company+Here.Jpg”.
The file name must be altered to incorporate keywords.

2. Publish to more than one social media medium 

If you publish audio, get it on Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, radio, etc. If you are writing blogs, be sure to use a variety of publishing sites (change up the title/wording/headers a bit to avoid penalty for mass-publication spam). When I blog I will publish to WordPress, Medium, Substack, My Personal Site, & Blogger too! Other people or brands get their brand awareness through Tik Tok or Reddit. Twitter is still quite important and relevant. You should pay for Twitter blue and optimize subscriptions & monetization to the fullest potential.


3. Use Ai  (But avoid reliance on artificial intelligence) 

Ai can be helpful in your writing or if you are excellent at prompting output. Programmers and developers really love ai. So do coders! It’s essential not to rely entirely on artificial intelligence as it can be quite silly (producing an image of a car with only one single seat but two headrests) or churn out entirely false information altogether. Therefore, ai is not to be relied upon, but can certainly help you gather thoughts or organize programming astronomically fast. Make ai useful to you.
Since I have seen the future, I know ai is nothing to fear.
For now, ai still relies on us. Heck, ai helped me write the outro of this article!

4. Regular updates

Scheduling content can be super helpful if you are looking for consistency and brand awareness. Targeted engagement is important to make people take notice. If you are wondering what to write about, look to current events. Find out what’s trending online that day and see if your brand wishes to participate, or insert yourself into the action.

5. Have a pro streamline & optimize output

If it is painstaking for you to partake in constant social media activity or video editing (requirements of a brand with a strong social media imprint), enlist the help of those who love to do the job, like highly trained professionals at,  where we ‘wow’ clients with quick turn around time while retaining high value & quality.

Mastering the art of SEO is a dynamic journey that requires a strategic approach and consistent effort. By understanding and implementing the SEO success secrets outlined in this article, you can position your business for greater visibility, higher rankings, and increased organic traffic. Remember, the foundation of any successful SEO strategy lies in creating high-quality, valuable content that caters to your target audience’s needs and interests.

It is important to remember:  SEO is a gradual process. Search engines scan (crawl) only every once and a while; likewise there are a multitude of factors surrounding traffic, engagement and activity which drive a brand to the top. Results are usually not immediate. For a new brand staring out it can take months of work to begin ranking. Patience, consistent monitoring, and data-driven optimization are vital to achieving sustainable success. Network new markets often and most importantly, have fun!



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SEO Success Secrets

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Search engines have potential to move your brand to the top of results. Propel your brand to reach new heights with these simple secrets to SEO Success.

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Canadian Feature Film Actress & International Model. Qualifications include live television, feature film, radio experience, TV Host, event production, & PR. Theresa flexes her knowledge of brand development and marketing while pursing a career in the arts industry in the heart of downtown Toronto. Skilled as a strategic marketing & planning expert, Theresa Longo travels nationally and internationally as a Corporate Brand Ambassador and loves to write and record original music.