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Future of Technology – Hijacked by New World Order

By July 2, 2023December 22nd, 2023Technology

A 2016 article covers corporate conversion to blockchain and crypto currency, digital IDs and automation based on a decade of experience on Bay Street. Post-Pandemic with the way things are going here’s what’s in store now (an update!)

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Rewarded with Crypto

A previous article I wrote revealing technology’s future is naively optimistic that crypto currency can better everyone in society. It envisions a 100% digitized society capable of transacting on blockchain utilizing tokens as payments at virtually every business. Someone with no money spends 5 minutes on a bike or pull a lever whose kinetic energy is captured and used. Perhaps the city issues bus fare after “X” amount of time pedaling a stationary bike whose energy contributes somewhere. Utilizing kinetic energy in exchange for credit or crypto token is a way to allow everyone to participate in society regardless of their bank balance. Do a little something in exchange for digital token to cash in for coffee. This engages people through movement and incentivizes activity. We also discussed people  welcoming the opportunity to be paid doing things they love, like using socials or watching TV.

Instead, recent years show 15-minute cities to be a compromised vehicle for total societal control.

Lately,  Government messages of  “healthy for you” have little to do with physical activity. Talk of health data apps or vaccination compliance tying into digital IDs set in blockchain technology. All user activity and updates set in blockchain technology make it in-destructible. Anything on the blockchain is non-negotiable.

Social Compliance & Digital Access

More likely to happen:  digital wallets, IDs & balances tie to social compliance. Scarier still is Internet access based on proof of vaccination status or whatever other condition is expected of us. Crypto and digital balances or IDs applied in a social-credit style system enforce compliance. Digital access restriction is detrimental if we are reliant on cryptocurrency as payments and digital IDs or passports for access to society. In other words, if we are cut off from our bank accounts or digital IDs on which we are so reliant, it means big trouble.

To think about your information recorded indefinitely, unchangeably – coupled with a robotic police force capable of facial recognition, speculation they forcefully haul off dissenters is not far off. Just think about the frustration of automated customer service: No human is really around to hear your complaints.   


Blockchain Technology and Facial Recognition

Facial recognition containing all your information aka a “digital ID” stored indefinitely on blockchain bring about the New World Order. We wont need wearables or even a chip because facial recognition will suffice. 

In the digitized world, everything from your balance, contactless payments, health status as well as health card, license, etc. is held within facial recognition tech and your digital id and transact on blockchain tech.  You’ll be able to earn crypto by allowing technology to record your reactions, movements and personal tastes to improve ai across a variety of industries. Read more about that here. (Opens in a new tab). Blockchain technology is immutable & available for all to see, and all our data, payments and social scores will be recorded and held there indefinitely. Unfortunately this can and will be used for compliance and control!

AI and Augmented Reality Will Dominate Every Experience

We exist in a bubble. Stay home in the safety zone. It’s scary outside or the climate emergency is raging so stay in & put on a VR headset to go to that NBA Game.  “VR Metaverse” rules.  Virtual Reality is augmented reality’s version of real life. You pay with a digital wallet. It’s automatic based on seat choice. A front row seat broadcast in 360 immerses you in the game for top dollar from the comfort (& safety!) of your living room. Human contact is sparse but at all costs make sure you have working wi-fi.

Un-cancel Bonnaroo,  it broadcasts in 360 VR reality and you immerse yourself and friends holographically from the comfort of your living room. Bring friends’ holograms to your living room experience and vice versa to share the ultimate “real life” experience. No need to cancel now, anyone can enjoy an immersive experience of being there — while staying inside their homes. Unlimited # of tickets can be sold. Pay for perspective (augmented reality).  There’s no human contact.

Hologram Hoopla

Pay more, add YOUR hologram in real time aka “go to”  an event. Even a backstage experience in real time from the comfort of your living room returns an industry rocked by COVID 19 to unprecedented levels of skyrocketing profit. I offer more examples of VR Metaverse in my original article from 2016. This same principle sells unlimited immersive 360 real-time VR experiences. Fill unlimited seats in stadiums for any concert, baseball game or NBA game experience from any angle, depending on budget. Choose any seat you want for the 360 immersive POV of the game and the cost automatically deducts from a digital balance.

Augmented Reality WITH Virtual Reality is The New Future. 

VR dominates. Forget Zuckerberg submersing an avatar in a meeting room, your holograph can be put into their interview room. From your point of view on your couch, eyewear turns your living room into an exact representation of their office. You are one step away from teleporting your human form to the place you intend to be. Virtually go anywhere with lightweight VR eyewear (a contact lens is ideal). Holographic projection is normal. Abba already owns the hologram game. Holograms, but one step further: ones that represent YOU in the here and now.

Automation Annihilates Human Workers 

In future, police are automated/robotic utilizing AI, algorithms and human input to run the squad, de-escalate or apprehend. Self Driving cars, drones, cameras and robots with cameras do the dirty work and save lives. Facial recognition and digital prints almost foolproof. Human input robots are great at de-escalation or recovery. Robots process digital information quickly and accurately.  Automation and algorithms overtake absolutely any industry that it can: Baristas, grocers, servers, fitness instructors, teachers, designers, video editors, convenient store cashiers etc. To continually improve it’s service or sales, a robot worker uses built in algorithms storing constant sales data and calculations about human behaviour. Facial recognition studies your every movement within each and every interaction to enhance ai. 

Robot AR

Despite stark realities I have confidence in blockchain, crypto, augmented reality, VR & holograms. It is too idyllic to think of such advancements as something we choose instead of forced by illogical fear & division.

See my article to create your own NFT or Token. Learn how their value is determined. 

To embrace changes in technology and how things are documented is fantastic, perhaps just not at the expense of our God given freedoms and bodily autonomy. Leave your thoughts below!

If you like this article, enjoy reading my article about what the future will be like.
It’s a real eye opener!

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Future of Technology – Hijacked by New World Order

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