Midwives are essential care in a healthy pregnancy for so many awesome reasons. Kawartha Community Midwives are a group practice of eight Registered Midwives working within the standards and guidelines of the College of Midwives of Ontario. The ladies there are a wealth of valuable information for new moms. In this post, learn game changing tips to make life with new baby easier thanks to midwife knowledge. They encouraged me to create a birth plan and saw me at regular checkups in the weeks leading up to the birth of my beautiful baby girl! They supported me in my preparations for a natural birth and stayed with me throughout the entire duration of my labor and delivery. Jaylene and backup midwife Catherine were exceptional in their care and attention to the safety of baby and I. Make sure to contact the midwives early in your pregnancy as most birth centers and midwives get booked up quite quickly! Discuss your birth plan ideas at your first visit to make sure they are fully supportive of your wishes. Start early!

After the birth of baby, midwives do home visits to check the progress of growing baby.

Kawartha Community Midwives are well versed in nursing and many of them are lactation consultants to guide you and baby to breastfeed well and on demand.

I chose not to bathe the baby immediately after birth because it is said the fluids they are born in are comforting to baby since they just spent 9 months living in it. The microbiome of the amniotic fluid is excellent for baby and skin. Her skin is perfect. I wiped her down for the first week but then it was time for baby’s first bath. Cue my questions for the midwife!

Ready for baby’s first bath? Bundle Bathing is another great tip I learned from the midwives. You get an old receiving blanket and wrap naked baby in it to take in the tub with you! Make the tub water comfortable but not hot. Get into the warm tub and have someone hand the bundled baby in to you. She can nurse in the tub. As they get used to the water you can slowly open the receiving blanket fully and have baby skin to skin on mom in the tub. We have had so many fun baths bundle bathing.

I attempted a birth centre birth outside the hospital, but baby Silvina had other plans.
Watch my birth story to find out what happened! 🙂

Special thanks to the Kawartha Community Midwives.


Additional Reading: An article (opens in a new window) about how Midwives work in tandem with OB/GYNs!

Midwives Rock: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician



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