“A good, functional and healthy body is the ultimate fashion statement.” Kiyokazu Washida, – fashion critic

Thrilled to announce the launch of #Twitter4Fashionistas a GLOBAL Fashion movement ….
#TWITTER4FASHIONISTAS is all about personal expression.

#Twitter4Fashionistas follows authentic, emerging trends in Fashion.

#Twitter4Fashionistas is a hashtag we can use to collectively share inspiration for realistic standards in beauty and fashion.
Actress Theresa Longo is set to film The Fashion Hero in 2016, hosted by Brooke Hogan.
The Fashion Hero is a show about changing the standards in beauty and fashion.
This isn’t your traditional Fashion Show. #Twitter4Fashionistas  is a place we can ALL share our passion for Fashion.

“Fashion comes in many forms. Beauty is happiness radiated. Love is beautiful. What is beautiful is harmonious and also real. Those whose eyes and smile bear a genuine expression have an air of beauty regardless of the clothing they wear. My definition of beauty extends beyond lights, camera, fashion and makeup; I believe life is full of beauty. True beauty is reflected back to us in everything via light, love, happiness, and artistry,” – Theresa Longo

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Actress Theresa Longo is set to embark on an exhilarating Fashion journey in 2016.
THE FASHION HERO -Behind the Scenes Footage


#Twitter4Fashionistas is about personal expression. Do you have a “Fashion Philosophy?”
Comment below …
Actors and Actresses Share Theirs:

Actress Ashley Nicole starred in Canadian Hip Hop ArtistRob Roy’s “Breaking Up” video and was recently featured in Portrait’s of Health (April 2015) and continues to build a solid fan following for her originality and class.
ashley nicole

Actress Ashley Nicole

Ashley Nicole says ” My fashion philosophy is dress in what makes you most comfortable in your own skin. There is no better way to personal expression than feeling totally comfortable in yourself and who you are as a person. I think your clothes and accessories should express that to the fullest, even if it means risking looking ‘under or over dressed’, ” #Twitter4Fashionistas represent!

Actor Vivi Devereaux of The Book of Eli, and True Love Waits adds: “Theresa recently asked me if I have a “Fashion Philosophy. I like classic. Sophisticated, With a modern edge.  “


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