Take Care of the Earth’s Beautiful Oceans – We Can ALL Make A Big Difference! Here’s How…

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After studying ‘Plastic Accumulation in the North Atlantic and Pacific Oceans’, there is solid evidence we can all ‘help’ to ease the burden of plastic and micro-plastic found in our oceans.

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TRY THIS CHALLENGE!: The 3-Day Facebook ‘Detox’

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Do you find yourself logging into facebook several times a day?
Are you accessing Facebook through multiple devices on multiple occasions?
Did you ever sacrifice sleep to browse Facebook before shutting your eyes for the night?
Perhaps the first thing you do in the morning, at night, or whenever you open your device, is to ‘check Facebook,’.
If you can relate to these situations, this interesting challenge is one to try! (Not to mention, people are swearing by…)

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Pura Vida: Living the Good Life in Costa Rica!

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Daily Surf & Plenty of Sun
Escaping frigid temps is always fun…
In this post I share personal photos!

Spent 5 weeks enjoying the sun and surf in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Enjoy my personal photos!!!

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What’s In my Travel Bag?

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These are all my carry-on must haves. This is where I’ve emptied the contents of my travel bag to show you exactly how to be prepared while travelling. A seasoned traveller, I maximize luggage space. Preparedness is nice, so plan ahead. Give your stuff a once-over to make sure you throw in necessities!

I’d add a ‘Life Factory Water Bottle’ to this list, it did not fit into my purse but definitely worth bringing.
Add your own travel must haves below. Check me out on Twitter … Follow @TheresaLongo  & Happy, Safe Travels! ;] ;]

Here are some of the most important things to put in your carry on…


  • Sweater – Some air conditioned places can be extremely cold…
  • Scarf/ wrap- Perfect for wrapping around yourself or using as a head rest .
  • Spare Earrings – You never know when you may need a pair of cute earrings ladies 
  • Passport + Wallet
  • Planner/Agenda/Doodle-Book/ipad –  I can’t live without my written planner. I usually pack it along with my ipad for long trips.
  • Pen – Handy for sure.
  • Ear Buds – Perfect for ipad streaming, or ipod listening.
  • Bikini – A must when the sun is shining!
  • Hand Sanitizer – Re-apply often!!
  • Vichy Capital SPF 60 – I have travel size sunscreens tucked away everywhere. Always use this on your face. Always.
  • Lip Balm
  • Vitamin Pack – Important for long trips where good, nutritious food might be scarce.
  • Disposable Cutlery Pack – You’ll be glad you packed these if you have to eat on the fly.
  • Mirror – (With Comb Attached) – This obviously has so many amazing uses.
  • Make-Up Bag – Ladies’ major must have!
  • Gum – During take-off & landing.



Pedicured Toes…Hot Summer Nights in the City…

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I had the best time at Stillwater Spa. Facials plus Pedi’s with my babe! We did all the summer fun things, shopping in Yorkville, a cruise downtown, and capped it all off with a dinner at Sotto Sotto.

Trattoria Sotto Sotto is one of Toronto’s most magical hideaways bringing the romance of Italy to the heart of the city. We were whisked away to the back room, curtained & tucked off of the large dining room, bathed in pools of candlelight. Florentine frescoes and stonework line the candle-lit grotto where Italian romance radiates from every corner. We sampled anti-pasto, refreshing salads, delicious entrees and an abundance of fresh seafood. The Red Snapper was so yum. I love summer time in Toronto!
Things got “‘NYC Rihanna-kinda-crazy” real fast. Def not allowed to Tweet or talk about the stuff I saw last night after Sotto Sotto.

All I can say is it was an unforgettable night. Big ups to TJ! We know how to shut it down on a Tuesday.

I have a busy couple weeks ahead.
Stay cool, stay hydrated, & enjoy the sun! Live every single day to the fullest!

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Updates! & New Photos

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I am SO lucky to attend all the NHL home Games this year at Air Canada Center.
If you attend the games you’ll find me modeling with a Ford F150 XLT Supercrew during intermission. I have so much fun at the games!! I am also loving basketball games. A little sad that the Leafs lost for the very first time this season! Hopes remain high.

Wanna share some awesome stuff with u guys that i have been collecting for a while!!!
Here is a sneak peak at new photos from my end of summer shoot with Photographer Santiago Ortega. This photo shoot reminds me of summer!! YAY! Summer is just around the corner. Tweet me your summer plans. Are you planning to get fit for summer? Make sure you check out my blog series to get you ready for summer! Click Here 

  BIG BIG thank you to Toronto SUN photographer JACK Boland for my spread in The SUNDAY Sun Oct. 16!

Click HERE to view my recent Sunshine Girl Gallery! I have been the SUNshine Girl a total of 10 times.