What’s In my Travel Bag?

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These are all my carry-on must haves. This is where I’ve emptied the contents of my travel bag to show you exactly how to be prepared while travelling. A seasoned traveller, I maximize luggage space. Preparedness is nice, so plan ahead. Give your stuff a once-over to make sure you throw in necessities!

I’d add a ‘Life Factory Water Bottle’ to this list, it did not fit into my purse but definitely worth bringing.
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Here are some of the most important things to put in your carry on…


  • Sweater – Some air conditioned places can be extremely cold…
  • Scarf/ wrap- Perfect for wrapping around yourself or using as a head rest .
  • Spare Earrings – You never know when you may need a pair of cute earrings ladies 
  • Passport + Wallet
  • Planner/Agenda/Doodle-Book/ipad –  I can’t live without my written planner. I usually pack it along with my ipad for long trips.
  • Pen – Handy for sure.
  • Ear Buds – Perfect for ipad streaming, or ipod listening.
  • Bikini – A must when the sun is shining!
  • Hand Sanitizer – Re-apply often!!
  • Vichy Capital SPF 60 – I have travel size sunscreens tucked away everywhere. Always use this on your face. Always.
  • Lip Balm
  • Vitamin Pack – Important for long trips where good, nutritious food might be scarce.
  • Disposable Cutlery Pack – You’ll be glad you packed these if you have to eat on the fly.
  • Mirror – (With Comb Attached) – This obviously has so many amazing uses.
  • Make-Up Bag – Ladies’ major must have!
  • Gum – During take-off & landing.




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