Best Beauty Products: Pure and Natural, Vegan and Cruelty Free Spa Quality Products by ‘Hugo and Debra Naturals’

Hugo and Debra Naturals is a premium, natural, environmental, vegan,  personal body care line that is both exceptionally pure and deliciously pampering. These products are a spa quality line of handcrafted lotions, scrubs and creams, with an exceptionally high ethical and moral standard. This company is one that truly cares about ALL life forms; including our big, beautiful planet earth.


Hugo and Debra Naturals are exquisitely scented with pure essential oils and plant essences that delight the senses, deeply moisturize, and add protection from the environment while feeling as rich and indulgent as spa treatments. All Hugo Naturals products are never tested on animals, are gluten free and made from sustainable sources that are pure and natural. This is why I love them so much. I feel exceptional using ethical Hugo and Debra Naturals products.


Hugo and Debra graciously sent me their finest Creamy Coconut scented Smoothing and Defining shampoo and conditioner! I also received a Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner in Tea Tree and Lavender scent. My hair is rich and fabulous after using the Smoothing and Defining Shampoo and Conditioner. Silky and smooth hair feels so wonderful!


Thank you Hugo and Debra Naturals for the exotic array of All-Over Lotion: in nourishing Creamy Coconut scent, soy and gluten free and vegan. It has an ultra rich texture; a blend of moisturizing organic golden jojoba oil, organic shea butter, sustainable red palm oil and pure botanical extracts. I am impressed with how creamy and hydrating the Hugo and Debra Naturals All-Over Lotion is. Hugo and Debra Naturals kindly provided me with body butter in Calming Lavender, as well as Creamy Coconut and French Lavender handcrafted soap, (it smells divine). Each of these products deeply moisturize my skin without feeling oily or greasy. Hugo and Debra Naturals also sent luxurious effervescent bath salts in Calming French Lavender. I totally transformed my bath into a spa experience with Hugo and Debra Naturals. After a 15 minute soak in the salts I felt tranquil and thoroughly relaxed.  Not only this, they sent fizzy bath bombs in Creamy Coconut, Lavender and Chamomile and Lavender and Vanilla. I am excited to try the ‘Fizzy Bath Bomb‘ next.

Hugo Naturals

Hugo and Debra Naturals products make fantastic gifts for yourself or loved ones.
Thanks again Hugo and Debra! I am so proud to be a Vegan Ambassador to this powerful, brand dedicated to wellness and sustainability.

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