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As my training partner hauls me out of the comfort of my loft, shoves a blueberry mango shake into my hands with a steaming green tea and throws my gym clothes at me, it dawns on me that once I get up and get moving – anything is possible.
You have 30 days to achieve the greatest body you have ever known. It isn’t rocket science, it’s putting one foot in front of the other and to start moving. Make time to focus on fitness daily.

One of the Tweets I favoured today : #nutrition is JUST AS important as #fitness in your quest to achieve optimum #health and #wellness 

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I heard the most inspiring thing yesterday about Who I Am. I am the source! When I center myself as the source of someone’s joy, happiness, success, and motivation, the Universe has no choice but to provide  more success, joy, and motivation – acknowledging that others are now dependant on me for it. The purpose of anything I do is no longer for myself: it is entirely to show others how incredible they really are.

This does not just apply to me. It applies to you too. You can be “the source” today and everyday. Instead of asking for anything, or lamenting about ‘What could be,’ – take charge. Out of a place of love, give what you have to someone who will appreciate it more, and watch what the universe does for you. This applies in fitness and in life. Get moving. Push yourself through a tough workout. If you are healthy enough for an intense muscle burning session – go for it.
The phrase “You get what you give… “

The thing about fitness is that you will definitely see results from challenging & intense workouts.
Today I will run a couple miles, run through a few drills and focus serious stretching later.
“Make time for fitness today and you won’t waste time to illness later”

Winter Blues?
Are you feeling like a total zombie during winter time? Shake it off fast by bursting through an intense cardio routine.
I’m done procrastinating: I am off to the gym to sweat it out big time.
When was the last time you really pushed it?

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