Notable Brands at CPMA 2017 Toronto (Healthy & Vegan!)

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Here are just a few of the many standout brands at CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) annual trade show in Toronto Ontario 2017. Theresa Longo attends on behalf of Made in Blu! Do you recognize some of these top quality brands?

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“Job Scams”: How NOT to Get Scammed as an Artist!

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Be aware. There are many scams that take place online because it is easy for the perpetrators to mask IPs, create fake emails, forms, and generally hide behind their computers from any place in the world with internet access. Read about this VERY common type of scam happening via internet today…

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A Special Video Message to the Youth of Attawapiskat from Theresa Longo

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“I Love Attawapiskat” is a national campaign that is rapidly growing into a global movement. Actor Theresa Longo shares a special message for the Youth of Attawapiskat here…

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Ten Secrets From a Healthy Vegan! Time to Go Green…

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Maybe you have heard of these types of people or seen one in real life- ripped, fit, healthy, vibrant vegan people. People who seem to effortlessly stay in shape, and eat a variety of vegan foods. Happy, smiling, light, energetic Vegans! Some vegans seem to be getting younger before our very eyes! Now you can do it too. Here are 10 Secrets from a Healthy Vegan…

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Emphasis on Fitness! Photos by Award Winning Photographer George Dimitroff. Key Steps to Staying Fit…

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Follow these steps for the body of your dreams! Go For Gold! Tips from a Professional Trainer and Fitness Expert: Read here about how to STAY IN SHAPE once and FOR ALL… and love yourself fully! With photos by Award Winning Photographer George Dimitroff.

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Protein Pancakes with Flax! A Delicious Coco-Banana Chocolate Pancake Recipe; featuring Natera Dark Chocolate!

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Pancakes with a chocolate hemp protein punch!
These yummy, goey coco-banana pancakes are totally healthy and hard to resist! Natera Dark Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder is 100% plant based. Free from dairy, gluten soy, and packed with vitamins and essential amino acids. This recipe tastes too good to be true! But it is!

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Master Energy Healer Joe Eigo | Awaken, Enlighten and Heal.

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Recently I had an incredibly transformative experience upon returning to North America from Central America…
I met with renowned Shaman and energetic enthusiast Joe Eigo, master healer blessed by John of God and supernatural things happened ….

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