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TRY THIS Nutritious Kick: The BEST,Tastiest Vanilla Vega Protein Smoothie EVER!

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Recently my friends at Vega sent me a TON of tasty & nutritious product to try.
Among some of the goodies were ‘All-In-One’ mix scrumptious new protein smoothie in Vanilla flavour.
I decided to create the BEST, cake tasting Vanilla smoothie EVER. Check out the recipe for the best tasting healthy smoothie you’ve ever tasted …

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How to Avoid Junk Food, Stop Self Sabotage, and Discover 6 Pack Abs! Follow these Tips for Fast Fitness Results…

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Halloween is over and you are probably left with a heaping pile of junk food laying around somewhere.
It’s tempting to treat yourself to a helping here or a helping there.
If you want to lose weight the best way is to control your face – and what goes directly into it.

Getting a firm grasp on your diet is not easy. It is the hard part about being in shape.

A lot of people say “Oh – I can’t wait until I hit my goal weight and then I can cheat on my diet” – but the truth is everything counts. You always have to work off what you put into your mouth – EVEN when you’re already fit.

Read this post to arm yourself with the right diet tools to avoid the temptation of junk food and stick to it!

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Fast Forward Your Fitness! Tips by Theresa Longo

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How to get FIT FAST! This is a difficult challenge. The secret to making your fitness dreams true is no more obvious than everything explained in this post. Guaranteed: if you practice these 5 simple steps you will see fast fitness results just in time for summer. Give it your best.

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How to Kill a Cold FAST, & Naturally!

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At the first signs of a cold it is important to act fast. The obvious first piece of advice is to practice prevention: TAKE Avivo Pur all natural vegan VITAMINS
Vitamins will HELP you tremendously. Magnesium and these vitamin B’s are incredible for your immune system, among others.

Through good hand-washing hygiene and always carrying around a bottle of hand sanitizer, you can also kill a lot of harmful bacteria. You can use some of the best Hand Sanitizer Canada has to offer or you can create your own hand sanitizer from ingredients you have in your cupboards. If you suspect someone near you is coughing or sneezing with a cold, cover your face! Recently after a lot of travel I became run down. I treated my illness using the following all natural remedies for curing a cold. I am a firm believer in all-natural cures. It is important not to mask your cold & flu symptoms with heavy drugs or cough medicines that leave you feeling loopy. For me, it is certainly not an option to reach for Tylenol, Advil or OTC medications – I simply choose not to. Instead by following these remedies I cured my cold and brought my body back to balance within two days.

Disclaimer: This is not medical advice.
If you are feeling under the weather, follow these tips and you will be back to your old self in no time…
More Tips For those who want to Cure a Cold Naturally and Safely …

1. Garlic.

Garlic is known for its incredible healing properties. Garlic kills cold and flu on site. The best way to take garlic is to go to the grocery store and buy a garlic bulb. Peel the outer skin away (like an onion) and you will be left with the cloves inside. Pop one or two cloves each day. If you throw the clove into the back of your throat you will not be overpowered by the taste. Garlic is known to boost your immune system tremendously. Garlic is also great at regulating your blood sugar and your cardiovascular system. If you are suffering from a cough with your cold garlic is a phenomenal cough suppressant. For even more effective relief of your every cold symptom, crush the clove of garlic a bit before you pop it in your mouth. Mashing the cloves of garlic releases the highly potent healing juice even more so and ensures you will digest a lot of it. Garlic is a magical cure for any cold symptom. Studies have shown people who take garlic regularly are virtually immune to cancer. You can continue taking garlic after your cold is cured to further bolster your immune system. If you suffer from congestion or sinus pressure, you will be amazed at how quickly Garlic works to ease those symptoms.

2. Drink extra amounts of water.

If you follow along with my Health Tips you are already familiar with just how much water you should be drinking every day. Water keeps your skin fresh, tight, clear and glowing. When you have a cold or flu your body needs extra amounts of fluids to successfully battle the bugs. You should aim for between 4-5L of water if you have a bad flu or cold. It does not have to always be in the form of drinking water. Soups and teas are highly effective at relieving common cold symptoms and also work to ease tough congestion. Keep drinking!
Top teas to fight germs: Green Tea (Honey can be added if needed – Honey is also known to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and packs a huge healing punch!)

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is purported to treat numerous diseases, health conditions, and annoyances. To name a few, it’s supposed to kill bacteria, ease digestion, and wash “toxins” from the body. It is best to take a couple ounces of apple cider vinegar diluted in water to ease all cold symptoms and relieve you of aches and pains. Apple Cider Vinegar can be harsh on your teeth so be sure to only use this remedy for a few days at a time before giving yourself a break. On top of the immune boosting properties of apple cider vinegar, it also gives your skin a glowing complexion and is an anti-aging miracle! This all natural cold cure will soothe your throat and ease any tough pain you may be suffering from.

4. Cayenne Pepper

If you have the sniffles, and you are congested beyond belief, get ready for this miracle all-natural cold cure: Cayenne Pepper. For two days straight this was my best friend. Cayenne pepper as a cold-symptom reliever worked better for me than any other OTC medication I have ever tried. The trick to taking cayenne pepper is to get about half a teaspoon of the stuff on a spoon, tilt your head back all the way, and pop it into the back of your throat. If you don’t enjoy spiciness you may feel as if your throat is convulsing and also on fire. This means it is working. Furthermore, get ready with the lemon water and tissues. You are majorly going to be needing both after you down a spoonful of this stuff. You will notice immediate changes to sinus pressure and congestion. You will also notice cayenne pepper relieves any and all stuffiness. Give this a try – but I warn you: it is not for the faint of heart.

5. Rest!

Give your body a chance to rest by booking at least two days into your calendar where you do as little as possible. Your body needs all the energy it can get to fight bothersome bugs! Your immune system is boosted by 7+ hours of solid sleep per night.

6. Ginger
Make sure at the first sign of a troublesome cold or flu you pick up fresh ginger. Ginger is known for having properties that reduce stomach pain or sickness. I make this tea by slicing up fresh ginger and simmering on the stove until piping hot. It is a spicy, relaxing tea! Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger is also known to be an intense pain killer. Reach for this all-natural cure before choosing to treat your illness with any OTC drug and you’ll be glad you did!

I sincerely hope you can get through your cold using these all natural health remedies just like I did. I am super proud to be able to fight a cold this way. I am also 100% confident about everything I put into my body.
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Leave your own all-natural cold remedies in the comment section below!


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