Realize your Fitness Potential with Boxing! Fun for ALL Levels of Fitness. Your Fitness Goals Answered HERE …

With award winning coaches, an all-ladies BOXfit / Boxercise class run by Boxing Ontario certified coach Laurie Eccles, and a stunning NEW location, BEL Boxing is the perfect place to take some time for yourself!
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Making yourself and your body a priority is one of the keys to staying in great shape. Spend time Boxing this summer and watch your body transform before your eyes. This post encourages you to enjoy the astounding benefits of elite boxing training during a class.

I always leave boxing class with a BIG smile on my face.
I am a big fan of coach Terry’s class.
The best part about Boxing is you are encouraged to go at your own pace while conditioning you to be your physical best. Everyone has a different level of fitness.
Coaches  interact with the entire class.
Boxing classes are welcoming, bright, clean, and FULLY equipped with state of the art equipment and boxing gear.
BONUS: Ladies! Often you can find a women’s BOXfit / Boxercise class, but I like to train alongside the pros which is usually a mixed class of guys and girls.

This post aims to demonstrate how SAFE and FUN a boxing workout is! You can get fit without having to ‘fight’ ever!
The only person you will be going up against is your own self 🙂
Boxing classes allow you to train right alongside the pros! You can choose to train just as hard as the actual fighters.
I stay in great shape for life (<–PROOF)  because I look to places like BEL Boxing for motivation.

Photographer Karolina Wilczynski took photos during a recent visit to BEL. Personally I have visited BEL Boxing for almost 5 years.
I now use pads in the ring.  In the photos below,  BEL Coach Jay works the pads in the ring with me. This means I get to throw all the punches!
Looks like I am always smiling!
I have the most meaningful and inspirational workouts at BEL Boxing.

Special thank you to Club Coach Jay for special access to BEL Boxing. Thanks to photographer “Karolina Wilczynski” for the outstanding photos!


Endless Summer 2017 | Photos © Hans Janzen

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