Wellness | Theresa Longo - Part 2

10 Reasons to Try Vegetarianism!

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I stopped eating dairy & animal products and amazing things happened. I embrace this diet the right way. I enjoy practicing veganism. (5+ Years Now!) I lost and gained weight in all the right places, and toned up! I eat better, feel healthier, and do a LOT more to make the world a better place. You can accomplish these goals by making a switch too… Read this post to find out HOW!

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Try a Delicious “Natera” Blackberry Pomegranate Smoothie… It Packs a Nutritious Berry Punch!

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YUM! Prepare to be SUPER impressed!
NATERA offers plant based goodness made with omega 6 and omega 3 in perfect balance. This smoothie recipe gives you all the nutritional benefits of omega, fibre, and complete proteins!
Natera Hemp superfoods are made by Natera, a Canadian company.
I am excited to share with you a yummy berry smoothie that tastes refreshing and delicious using Natera’s Berry Pomegranate Hemp protein mix…

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A Complete Fitness Plan! Fitness Tips pt. 1 of 3 – Eat to Achieve Fast Fitness Results!

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Welcome to my 3-part blog series aimed at getting you in shape for Summer, and beyond! I am happy to share my tips, tricks, and secrets for optimizing your health and wellness. Today we will talk specifically about diet. Diet is equally as important as exercise when it comes to balancing health and wellness. You will lose serious excess weight by eating properly – it also restores you to being healthy.

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