More Reasons to LOVE Costa Rica

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February 2013 saw me spending a lot of time in the Nicoya peninsula in beautiful Costa Rica. I was lucky to visit Panama during my time in South America. Panama is incredible!
When I traveled to Costa Rica,  I stayed  a couple nights in San Jose, and spent the majority of my time surfing in Santa Teresa and Playa Carmen.  When I first arrived in Santa Teresa Costa Rica, immediately the first thing I did was  surf . Surf in Costa Rica is a magical experience. Sometimes it is just me and the birds, (literally!) – floating out in the ocean. I spent a lot of time at a phenomenal beach house  with a gorgeous view of the pacific ocean.  The infinity pool showed us a spectacular view of the sunset from high in the mountain side.  I can’t wait to go back soon . I definitely did a lot of surfing (sometimes 4 hours a day!) and my surf skills improved greatly. Big thank you to Simone who taught me a LOT and for arranging a photo shoot with photographer Antonio Russo. I had a fun time shooting. Many mornings consisted of watching the sun rise with yoga at the ocean. I ate the best food. During the week, our friend Tyler would cook delectable foods like ceviche or a mixed meal of fish, steak, chicken, veggies, rice and more. Ty often cooked for 10 or twelve of us and I swear on one occasion there must have been 7 pounds of guacamole. Ty is the bombest chef around! On top of the exceptional food I ate, I  spent a night dining at fabulous and beautiful Brisas del Mar  in Santa Teresa. I ate the best Mahi Mahi with Korma I’ve ever tasted.

Excursions were plenty! I went snorkeling with Ryan – and saw a Spotted Moray Eel while snorkeling. One day we  visited Rio Bongo with friends where we had a blast spending the day in the sunshine and floating down the lazy river into the ocean. I had been to Rio Bongo the day before with Kolton where we swam further up the river. I thought Kolton was pulling my leg when he picked up a stick and poked around for crocs before we jumped in the river until the next day when Ryan informed me that there  “may be crocodiles up the river – that way,” pointing to the exact spot Kolton and I swam in the day before. ha. I also visited the waterfalls at Montezuma… Check it out!

I plan to visit in  2014 for more months. Costa Rica is truly one of the best places.
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View Personal Photos from my Trip:

Monster Energy MX Nationals: Moncton, NB

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The 20th anniversary MX Nationals stopped at gorgeous Riverglade MX Park in Moncton, New Brunswick Sunday August 5 for Monster Energy Motocross Nationals Eastern most stop! Julie and I enjoyed the sunshine as we took in another exciting moto round. I especially loved the seafood in Moncton! I’ll be at the next round of the MX Nationals tour. I am super excited for a fun weekend in Ottawa! Find me at Sand Del Lee on Sunday, August 12 for the second last 2012 stop on the 20th anniversary MX Nationals.

Check out  the amazingness that is Gauldy’s Moncton Photo report for Motocross Performance Magazine:
haha love it!

Monster Energy Motocross Nationals: Ste-Julie Stop!

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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. I was part of the Ste-Julie tour stop, where we were treated to perfect weather and large crowds.

Angela and I had an exceptional day working the podium and strutting our stuff across the gates as Moto Rounds were announced. We took turns doing the 30 -second board and in between takes we chilled out in the big rig testing the sound system and enjoying great food.  The series now takes a week off before its eastern most stop at the famed Riverglade track just outside beautiful Moncton New Brunswick August 5th weekend.

For more information about the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals visit 

I’ll be at the next stop!

Gauldy put together a stellar re-cap of the weekend events  for MXP:

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What’s In my Travel Bag?

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These are all my carry-on must haves. This is where I’ve emptied the contents of my travel bag to show you exactly how to be prepared while travelling. A seasoned traveller, I maximize luggage space. Preparedness is nice, so plan ahead. Give your stuff a once-over to make sure you throw in necessities!

I’d add a ‘Life Factory Water Bottle’ to this list, it did not fit into my purse but definitely worth bringing.
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Here are some of the most important things to put in your carry on…


  • Sweater – Some air conditioned places can be extremely cold…
  • Scarf/ wrap- Perfect for wrapping around yourself or using as a head rest .
  • Spare Earrings – You never know when you may need a pair of cute earrings ladies 
  • Passport + Wallet
  • Planner/Agenda/Doodle-Book/ipad –  I can’t live without my written planner. I usually pack it along with my ipad for long trips.
  • Pen – Handy for sure.
  • Ear Buds – Perfect for ipad streaming, or ipod listening.
  • Bikini – A must when the sun is shining!
  • Hand Sanitizer – Re-apply often!!
  • Vichy Capital SPF 60 – I have travel size sunscreens tucked away everywhere. Always use this on your face. Always.
  • Lip Balm
  • Vitamin Pack – Important for long trips where good, nutritious food might be scarce.
  • Disposable Cutlery Pack – You’ll be glad you packed these if you have to eat on the fly.
  • Mirror – (With Comb Attached) – This obviously has so many amazing uses.
  • Make-Up Bag – Ladies’ major must have!
  • Gum – During take-off & landing.