Meet the World’s Most Famous (and Beloved) Crow: Canuck!


Recently while in Vancouver,
I had a special experience that I’ll never forget.
I met Canuck the Crow! Arguably the world’s most famous crow.


Photo by Shawn. (Canuck’s chosen human!)

As Shawn tells it,  “Canuck was found as a hatchling that had fallen from a nest. He was found and raised by Shawn’s landlord’s son. He was no bigger than a tennis ball and was not able to fly due to his age. He more than likely would’ve died if he hadn’t been taken in, in Shawn’s opinion. Canuck was raised, fed, and groomed by his newly adopted “dad” who watched him grow into a young crow. Eventually after learning to fly, and gain enough strength to take on the outside world; he was released. (Not before an orange zip tie was placed on his leg so he could be easily identified as well to let people know he’s had human contact)

The thing is though, he didn’t leave. He hung around the yard, not wanting to go anywhere. That’s where Shawn comes in. Canuck never really left Shawn’s side after release! Shawn says he’s always had a lifelong love of crows!” –



Thanks for the great photo Shawn! (Theresa with Canuck!)

Crows are highly intelligent. Not only can they mimic sounds, they remember faces and pass information through generations. They can remember specific faces for life. An incredible study done by researchers in Seattle proving Crows remember certain faces and pass that information to the other crows.
Crows are always watching you, deciding if you are a good or bad human. They are complex and social!

Canuck is no stranger to headlines! 


Click the photo to read the article!

 However  (about a month ago) Canuck made new headlines when he was hurt by someone with a flagpole at a soccer game. 🙁  Luckily he is recovered now (and by the time I met him) however he did spend time at Night Owl Bird Hospital!  Shawn started a campaign to wear an Orange Zip Tie for Canuck! to raise awareness for animal cruelty. I am wearing mine! 

Wear A Zip-Tie for Canuck

Do you want an orange zip tie to raise awareness for animal cruelty too? I’ll personally mail you one with every donation directly made to Night Owl Bird Hospital

Donate direct to Night Owl Bird Hospital over the phone, send them a cheque or e-transfer! (Email them).

OR: Call today: 604-734-5100 to make a direct donation.

Things to remember: 
Only give your money directly to Night Owl Bird Hospital.

Show me you made a donation by email or just let me know you donated. Make sure to include your address information so can mail you an orange zip tie!

Anything helps. Everything helps them.  (Donate 5$, 10$ 15$ or more to Night Owl Bird Hospital)

Canuck photobombs us!

None of this would be possible without Shawn! (Canuck’s chosen human)
Shawn started the “wear a zip tie for awareness about animal cruelty” movement!
He was incredibly generous to gift me with signed photos!
Follow Canuck the Crow on Facebook to keep up with his amazing antics!


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