Watch The Throne: Jay Z & Kanye West Make Toronto Take a Second Look

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I watched Kanye West & Jay Z perform ‘Watch the Throne’ in Toronto two nights in a row!
All I can say is wow.

They opened the show  with H.A.M, atop massive, glowing, 3D globes.

I’ll never forget walking into ACC stadium as Jigga & Yeezy were dropping Otis 3 songs into the set. My heart skipped a bazillion beats! SO awesome. Couldn’t even control how I felt about it!

This is the base thumping, heart pounding awe-struck goodness that is Watch The Throne. ‘Ye n HOV kept the flow going hard from the start. They packed this sold out show with so many hits. ‘Otis’ got the crowd fired up; “Who Gon’ Stop Me” and “Welcome to the Jungle” followed. They then unleashed a string of smartly placed solo show stoppers – Jay’s ‘Hard Knock Life’ & ‘Empire State of Mind’. Then there was Kanye’s ‘Power’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Monster’.

Kanye West & Jay Z performing ‘Otis’ @ the ACC

I noticed they kept the show simple. No flashy showbiz, no gimmicks, no fluff. They sure don’t need it. & they know it. Just Kanye & Hov annihilating the entire set with 2 huge screens in behind. Just them and the stage.
& No one was sitting down. Ever.

Kanye's stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

Kanye’s stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

I was in awe when Jigga asked the whole crowd to ‘light up the sky’ with they cell phones. The lights inside ACC dimmed, people waving phones high in the air… the sight was pretty cool; all these tiny specks of floating electronic light hovering throughout the darkened stadium. I took a lot of vids. You can check them out on my youtube Channel.

This year is a total blast! Follow me on Twitter @theresalongo

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World Mastercard Fashion Week … My Faves!

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All week long I attended World Mastercard Fashion Week at David Pecaut Square located in the heart of downtown Toronto at King and John. I was taking in all the Fall 2012 fashions from Adrian Wu, Laura Siegel, Chloe Comme Parris and Martin Lim shows.  Chloe Commes Parris showed witchy ensembles with lots of heavy black and Salem-inspired hair buns. Martin Lim was all about lines and dimensions, sticking to one or duo tones locked in strict square and rectangular shapes for his pieces.

Toronto Fashion Week (#TFW) blew up Toronto’s Twitterverse. Although we aren’t talking  New York or Milan Fashion Week,  Toronto impresses with beautiful people. I had such a blast taking in the incredible fashions. H&M was highly popular. Wednesday’s schedule was jam packed with incredible previews from Bustle & Melissa Nepton wildly popular Joe Fresh (9PM).

Korhani Home kicked off T.O. Fashion Week with some homely designed fabrics…

For those fashionistas unable to score tickets to the week-long event, were still able to watch the spectacle from King St. W  thanks to floor to ceiling windows along one of the studio walls.

This year other changes at Fashion Week included a brand new moniker,  from ‘LG Fashion Week’  to the now named ‘World Mastercard Fashion Week’.  Fashion week is pure FASHION heaven for fashion lovers and designers alike. Whether you’re looking to see or be seen, World MasterCard Fashion Week is the place to be as some of the biggest names in Canadian fashion (and from all over the world) gather to showcase their Fall 2012 collections.

One of my favorite shows was Bustle…

Primarily because I think Stacey Mckenzie is a LEGEND! She is OH so sweet in person too.

What an amazing week I had.  Here is me posing with the SL Class 😉
This baby boasts a 429 hp  32-valve V-8 engine!



Updates! & New Photos

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I am SO lucky to attend all the NHL home Games this year at Air Canada Center.
If you attend the games you’ll find me modeling with a Ford F150 XLT Supercrew during intermission. I have so much fun at the games!! I am also loving basketball games. A little sad that the Leafs lost for the very first time this season! Hopes remain high.

Wanna share some awesome stuff with u guys that i have been collecting for a while!!!
Here is a sneak peak at new photos from my end of summer shoot with Photographer Santiago Ortega. This photo shoot reminds me of summer!! YAY! Summer is just around the corner. Tweet me your summer plans. Are you planning to get fit for summer? Make sure you check out my blog series to get you ready for summer! Click Here 

  BIG BIG thank you to Toronto SUN photographer JACK Boland for my spread in The SUNDAY Sun Oct. 16!

Click HERE to view my recent Sunshine Girl Gallery! I have been the SUNshine Girl a total of 10 times.


Preparing for Miss Italy of the World

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Hi Friends! I am getting so excited for my trip to Italy. I leave for Italy June 08, when I will fly to Calabria. Calabria is a beautiful city of approximately 2 million people located in the ‘toe’ of the Italian Peninsula located in Southern Italy. Calabria is famous for its mountains and its coastline. The sea around Calabria is clear; the temperature in Calabria in June is quite warm. It will be anywhere from 25-35 degrees Celsius during my trip!

Io capisco un po L’italiano addesso; ma Imparerò molto di piu per prepararsi al Miss Italia nel Mondo.
“I understand a little of The Italian language, but I will learn much more to prepare for Miss Italia nel Mondo.

The Winner of Miss. Italia nel Mondo remains in Italy for 3 months! I am so excited for this pageant. I am practicing and training exceptionally hard every day. Recently ‘The Wire’ did a really nice feature about my win and the upcoming pageant in Italy. If you are in Peterborough be sure to pick up the most recent copy of The Wire to read all about it. The Examiner also published a story about my win. I spoke with them again today actually. They will be publishing an in depth bio about me in the upcoming days. Be sure to keep an eye out for it. I will also be sure to post the links when they are available!

If you want to check out the original story they did, simply click here. A new window will open with the story available for you to read.

Learning Italian is surprisingly easy for me. I am currently finishing 2 -3 lessons per day of ‘Pimsleur Italian’ I have 90 lessons in total to have a good grasp on the language in its entirety. Today I am on lesson 13. I have a set schedule for learning so that I will be finishing this course during my first 2 weeks in Italy. I will be able to apply the first two thirds of the coursework in Italy upon my arrival! Exciting!

Not only am I brushing up on learning a whole new language, I am also training 6 days per week. On the days that I am not running – I am boxing, and on days that I am not doing either of those: I am weight training or hitting the sauna. It is a lot of work to prepare for this pageant. BEL BOXING has been helping me get into the best shape of my life! Click the BEL Boxing logo to check out their website. It will open in a new window.

I could not have done any of this without the amazing ladies who run STRUTT Central – Thank you to Christina and Caroline. You make girls’ dreams come true! Be sure to check my blog often as I will be posting updates throughout the pageant. For the most up date information follow me on twitter!

Frequently asked questions about Miss Italia nel Mondo:
FYI – TWEET ME YOUR QUESTIONS AT @TheresaLongo & I will answer them!

Q- What is Miss Italia Nel Mondo?
Miss Italia nel Mondo or Miss Italy in the World is an Italian beauty pageant for women of Italian heritage which has been held since 1991. Dozens of countries from around the world send contestants.vie for the crown annually in the pageant held each year in Italy.

Q- Has anyone from Canada ever won Miss Italia nel Mondo?
No one from Canada has won the title of Miss. Italia Nel Mondo

Q- Who hosted the pageant last year?
Sophia Loren hosted the Miss Italia nel Mondo Pageant last year.

Q- Where can I watch the pageant if I live in North America/USA?
At this time, the broadcast information is unknown. The date will likely
be June 25, 2011 – Although I will confirm this information here when I
become aware of it.

Q- What are you going to have to do for your talent?
I will likely sing a song. If you have any Italian song suggestions for me,
be sure to Tweet them at me!

Q-What does the winner of Miss. Italia Nel Mondo receive?
Although these details are still fuzzy as well, rumor has it the winner
receives endorsements, modeling contracts, cash prizes, clothing,
scholarships, movie/tv deals, and full accommodations in Italy. Again,
as I find out this information I will be sure to add it to the Q&A

The ‘Miss Italy of the World’ competition will be hosted in Reggio Calabria. This year’s pageant is the 5th consecutive Miss Italia Nel Mondo Competition.

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