The Jeff O’Neil Golf Classic III – Surrey, BC :: Theresa Longo Attends!

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Flashback to Wednesday, August 26th at Golden Eagle Golf Club. 18 holes of pure, pure madness.
We woke up partying hard. Hotel lobby breakfast, (kinda).

The team waits for the stretch limo to arrive. A young lady visiting Vancouver from Israel asks our team
‘Why are you all wearing Monster?’
We explain our team to her & several of the  athletes are impressed at the brand recognition from around the world.

Limo ride to the golf course where we are greeted by a fleet of avid golfers.
Amanda and I are dressed to the nines in our slick ‘Monster Energy’ emblazoned ensembles.
FOX 93.3 brought in the big guns and use a chopper to scale aerial shots from high in the sky.

Monster Energy has a sick set-up on the 12th hole which consists of the “Bass Cave”.
The bass cave is where you are completely surrounded by a mind blowing bass thumping speaker set up.
Totally designed to rock you while you try to tee off.
Everyone loved this.

Mat the Alien and  Vinyl Ritchie spin tunes at the 12th hole all day long. I obviously have a dance party! Golfers love the Monster Energy set-up, stopping to dance, refresh, & party with us!

It is super hilare to watch golfers try to concentrate on their shot whilst surrounded by a heart-pounding, hair raising, body-buzzing bass cave and two hot monster models.
So many laughs.

There are so many ‘That’s What She Saids’ in Golf.

I tried a couple shots. Hooked both of them into a water hazard.
I’m here to look good in short shorts, okay?

After we spent the better part of the day chilling on #12, Amanda and I join our athletes to cheer them on as they complete their leg of the tournament.
No one lost an eye but someone definitely lost a finger in the melee. Praying super hard Chris will be good to ride in a few weeks. He is back in fine form by the end of the tournament.

I think I laughed the hardest when Blair took a wrong turn into some marshy shrubs. I love our team.
Here is an adorable set to sum up our entire day… and I threw in one of my own (bottom left).
Russell captured some amazing gems…

Click to view photos in a new window…

Vancouver was a blast! I cannot wait to visit again. We definitely brought the sunshine with us this week.
I managed to do a little sight seeing, and even got to hug Ady!! Life is grand!

Until next time 😉
Keep smiling…

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