Extreme Sports Exclusive! Interview with Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider Kris Foster


 Professional Freestyle Motocross Racer Kris Foster is absolutely Canada’s Freestyle MX best! Kris hails from interior British Colombia and has been riding on two wheels since the age of 3. Kris was pro at age 15 and is now known internationally and backed by the best brands in the industry including Monster Energy, Spy, Fox Racing, and Shift.


Professional FMX Champion, Kris Foster. Photo by: Tedesco Photo

 Interview with Professional Freestyle Motocross Racer
Kris Foster

Kris Foster answers Theresa’s questions to showcase the adrenaline pumping sport of Freestyle Motocross…

1. Theresa – “Thanks for taking the time Kris. Talk about the joys of riding professional FMX … What are the moments you savour?” 
    Kris Foster- “Being able to enjoy riding my dirt bike as often as I do. Seeing how excited people get when we throw down a show, to bring those people that enjoyment is a really cool feeling,”

2. Theresa – “The fact that you make heart stopping tricks look graceful attests to your confidence and skill on two wheels, Tell me about growing up riding…”
Kris Foster- “Being on the perfect setup makes it a lot easier to complete tricks with good form. I had a lot of fun riding with my old man, he wouldn’t hesitate to point me up or down a hill wether I thought I could or not haha, I definitely remember some learning curves from that time period…”

3. Theresa-  “What riders inspired you when you were younger? Were there riders that you looked up to growing up?”
Kris –  “I had a buddy Jess who had a bike and truck growing up so we rode together a lot, always watched the moto movies to get stoked to go ride haha Definitely was stoked on Metz and Twitch. I had a lot of respect for all the dudes tho cause I thought the sport was so rad!”



Kris Foster Photo from MonsterEnergy.ca


4. Theresa – “What are your favorite FMX tricks or your favorite things to do on the bike?”
Kris – “I love to flip my bike, but favourite upright trick would probably be the Kiss of Death cause of how far off the bike you get…”
Theresa – “Scary!!”

5. Theresa -” You and I talked about wipe outs… wipeouts definitely go along with any extreme sport.  How do you balance the loss of control with a sense of control during an accident? … (and best way to handle a crash,)”
Kris – “It happens in the blink of an eye, the split second decision to let go and eject. Some crashes are predicted well before hitting the ground where some are right before leaving no time to prepare. There’s a lot of different variables when it comes to crashing haha. Best way to handle it is to have a solid background in gymnastics and really know how to tuck and roll. You never know what way you’re going to come off your bike next so knowing how to spin faster or slower in the air and disperse the impact is key to hot getting hurt or at least minimizing the amount of damage you take. Leave the bike, it can be fixed…”

6. Theresa – “When preparing for a jump/trick, what are some of the things you do to ensure it is as safe as possible?”
Kris – “Make sure the run-in is dry and clear, or the jump face is packed good and solid. Also make sure that people riding in that area can see that you’re jumping; having a spotter standing close by is always a good thing.”

7.  Theresa – “You have taken on many huge drops in your day, upwards of 50 feet.  Is there a mental checklist/dialogue with yourself you go through when approaching big jumps and executing crazy tricks?”
Kris –  ” When I’m doing a new hit with major consequences I definitely know my bike is on point and that the jump has been cleared out as best we can. Clean grips…feeling comfortable…goggles are good…try not to stall this time…go! haha…”


Photo by http://cdn.motocross.transworld.net/

8. Theresa – “Your fans love to see you safely push the limits. Is there a FMX trick or an idea for a trick you are working on now?”
Kris- ” I’m always learning new tricks and trying to grow as a rider but I’ll just say that hitting the ramp at 75 side saddle is different…”

9. Theresa – “Can you tell me about a few of the most memorable moments for you in your career as a Professional Freestyle Motocross Champion?”
Kris  –  “Solid ride days with the crew after a night of rain. X-Games was pretty sick too. When Twitch hosted the RAD awards after the comp at Pala. Riding Camp-H.”

10. Theresa – “Caineville, Utah looks like a FreeStyle Motocross rider’s dream and it sets the scenic backdrop for “Moto 7 the Movie” with you and Tom Parsons riding for Monster Energy. You are always pushing the limits. When is Moto 7 the Movie released?”
Kris –    “Moto 7 the Movie is out now on ITunes! I’m really stoked on how our part turned out. I always have a good time riding with Tom, he’s down to push the limits and ride stuff people haven’t seen before.”

11. Theresa – “What’s coming up in 2016 Kris?”
Kris –  “2016 holds a 2 month trip to China to kick it off. Then back home to BC to film and do some shows and events over the summer…”


Theresa – “Thank you Kris, for taking the time to answer questions about Free Style Motocross!”
Kris Foster – “No problem! Talk soon…”


Kris Foster via FreeStyleXtreme.com

Watch Kris in Monster Energy’s: Kris Foster #LimeLight



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