Ford’s Drive to Discover Tour! East Coast Adventures…

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Last week we wrapped up the Ontario leg of Ford Canada’s Drive to Discover Tour. I had the pleasure of working along side amazng ladies all week long.
Not to mention many laughs together.

So what’s the deal about this tour? Ford brings excitement to you with the Drive to Discover Tour. Currently Ford is asking you to Go Further in 9 cities across Canada to give you the chance to get hands-on with the new cars.

…and then you add our team! Handpicked & High Energy. Smart & super talented!
We allow you to star in your own adventure video and generally have the MOST fun imaginable.

Ford’s Drive to Discover Tour allows you to experience features like Active Park Assist while behind the wheel of a Focus, Focus Electric, Fiesta and all-new Escape.

My specialty is knowing the 2013 Ford Fusion inside out!
Pretty swaggy to add ‘Ford Certified’ to my resume 😉

The above photo basically sums up all of the love on this tour. The Gucci is because I went shopping.
We met a lot of sweet Ford Fans. A lot of people were interested in Ford’s newly redesigned all electric Ford Focus.
Imagine, no more gas fill ups,  no more oil changes?

Personally I feel this should be the norm.
#FACT: they were all the rage wayyyyy back in the day.

A lot of people are rightfully impressed with the newly redesigned Ford models. New models have an out-of-this world redesign, a bangin’ Sony sound system, tonnes of available features and a sleek new interior.
Positive feedback from a LOT of curious passerby.

Truly memorable moments include our hotel stays, our hotel finds, sunshine every day,  & late night, ladies-nights!
What a fun few days this was!!!!

Here is a sneak peak at my snowboard vid…

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Monster Energy Motocross Nationals: Walton Highlights

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Image_SHowing_Monster_Model_Theresa_Longo Were you one of the thousands of Moto fans in Walton Ontario for the Monster Energy  CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals?
Tweet me your best photos!

I had so much fun with ‘the Julies’ in Walton. I totes practiced my french and the ladies totally brushed up on their English. We talked to a lot of sweet Moto fans. A bit of wind made the ’30 second board’ kinda tricky but overall, the weather was perfect! Gorgeous sunshine all day. We took a lot of photos. Loved staying at the Arden Park hotel in Stratford Ontario. Stratford is beautiful.

” The final round of the 2012 Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals took place  at Walton, Ontario’s Walton Raceway and with Matt Goerke had already clinched the win a week previous ” …   … via

The 2012 series kicked off the circuit in Nanaimo, British Columbia, & Kamloops the following weekend. I joined the series as it moved east.
Walton hosted the final stop of the tour. What an exciting weekend!

Monster Energy: Walton Highlights

Coverage wouldn’t be complete without video highlights!!

Video Coverage: MX Nationals – Final Stop in Walton



Monster Energy Motocross Nationals: New Brunswick

Monster Energy Motocross Nationals:  Ste-Julie 

Monster Energy MX Nationals: Moncton, NB

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The 20th anniversary MX Nationals stopped at gorgeous Riverglade MX Park in Moncton, New Brunswick Sunday August 5 for Monster Energy Motocross Nationals Eastern most stop! Julie and I enjoyed the sunshine as we took in another exciting moto round. I especially loved the seafood in Moncton! I’ll be at the next round of the MX Nationals tour. I am super excited for a fun weekend in Ottawa! Find me at Sand Del Lee on Sunday, August 12 for the second last 2012 stop on the 20th anniversary MX Nationals.

Check out  the amazingness that is Gauldy’s Moncton Photo report for Motocross Performance Magazine:
haha love it!

Monster Energy Motocross Nationals: Ste-Julie Stop!

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This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the 2012 Monster Energy Motocross Nationals. I was part of the Ste-Julie tour stop, where we were treated to perfect weather and large crowds.

Angela and I had an exceptional day working the podium and strutting our stuff across the gates as Moto Rounds were announced. We took turns doing the 30 -second board and in between takes we chilled out in the big rig testing the sound system and enjoying great food.  The series now takes a week off before its eastern most stop at the famed Riverglade track just outside beautiful Moncton New Brunswick August 5th weekend.

For more information about the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals visit 

I’ll be at the next stop!

Gauldy put together a stellar re-cap of the weekend events  for MXP:

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Theresa Longo Featured in Funny PSA for ‘Friends of Canadian Broadcasting’

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Recently I filmed a spoof with the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting at Chorus Entertainment. The PSA explores the many future possibilities of CBC programming. I had SO much fun shooting at Chorus Entertainment. Everyone on set was really wonderful to work with. We had a lot of laughs in between takes.

Aaron (middle) is ready to wrestle? ! ha!!UncleD & King Lau & I!
View the finished product here:

CLICK TO VIEW: Via YouTube:  “The CBC has been sold to a US wrestling promotor!

OK, maybe not yet… but with how the Harper government has been treating our public broadcaster, is Lance Fury so far off? Help stop the CBC Smackdown by taking action at “


Personally, while I do not really have an opinion on the affairs of CBC, I totally had a blast filming this PSA for FoCB.

What do you think the CBC should focus on? Should it run American game shows and American-style reality shows, like Wheel of Fortune or Battle of the Blades?
Should it strive to be more connected to its audience, as the Globe argued in a recent editorial? Or should aspire to better arts programming, as TV critic John Doyle proposes?

Sound off… below…

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Your Honda Indy Race Day SunShine Girl is … !

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Sunday July 8th features ME! … on Page 3 of the Toronto SUN in support of the Toronto Honda Indy. All photos shot by Jack Boland. Jack is hands down one of the best of the best! We have created a lot of incredible shoots together. Additionally, to cap off the JULY 8th edition, the SUN ran a sexy SunShine Girl Swim Suit Photo ;]

Check ’em all out below. 

You can view the originals by clicking here. (New Window Opens) I would greatly appreciate you to share the spread!

” SUNshine Girl Theresa may be a Sun ambassador and super sexy model, but the blonde beauty is more than a pretty face. Theresa has an honours degree in business administration and even has her own blog
( where you can learn more about her. ” (Jack Boland/QMI Agency)

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World Wide Short Film Festival Ad …features ME!

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Cheryl @ STRUTT Central rang me suggesting I audition for a role. This one called for a ‘sexy blonde’. The audition consisted of sitting in a dentist chair.Easy enough! 🙂

After getting a call back I was delighted to be working with Philip Rostron & team to create a total masterpiece which would be splashed onto the pages of The Grid TO in preparation for the World Wide Short Film Festival June 5-10. The Grid is a weekly city magazine and daily website providing “a fresh, accessible voice for Toronto,”.

How exciting!

The idea was to create a series of cheeky ads to promote the upcoming World Wide Short Film Fest. The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (WSFF) is the premier venue for the exhibition and promotion of short film in North America. Taking place in early June, the WSFF is dedicated to celebrating the quality and creative range of short films. With annual submissions that surpass 4000, expert programmers specially select 250 shorts from more than 80 countries for five days of public screenings.

Donning a custom tailored medical jacket with sky high heels, I had a blast on set. Philip is a totally awesome director/photographer. Hilarity ensued as we practiced different styles & looks. The finished product looks pretty awes…

Check it out!

Let me know what you think below!




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