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Book Review: Cleopatra’s Tomb & The Regit Tigers of Egypt by J.W.S. Getty

By March 25, 2022December 22nd, 2023Book Review, Fun Stuff, Inspiration, Internet Safety, Reviews, Spotlight

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A grand adventure, Cleopatra’s Tomb & The Regit Tigers of Egypt By J.W.S. Getty inspires ideas well beyond book pages.
Bond with kids over this well written, educational book!
Dr. Liz Malin is an 11-year-old archaeologist searching for Cleopatra’s tomb. She also has the Regit Tigers of Egypt helping her. Their search remains a secret as dark forces follow them, hoping to steal all. A thrilling, magical adventure where the fate of humanity and every creature on Earth is in the hands of the world’s youngest archaeologist and her Regit Tiger friends.

Cleopatra’s Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt by J.W.S. Getty is an epic addition to Canadian Literature and poised to be a much loved classic among children’s fantasy-adventure literature. The book contains beautiful references to creation and nature. There are comedic twists in this well-written, engaging, adventurous, educational and inspiring story. Cleopatra’s Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt is full of awesome life lessons, teachable moments and thought provoking metaphors to spark vibrant conversation between adults and young readers. Amazing concepts and the characters’ futuristic abilities add amusing moments to the tale as excitement builds at every page turn!

“Sometimes you just have to play Monster”

A grand adventure for kids and adults, Cleopatra’s Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt inspires ideas and play well beyond the pages of the book. Imaginative games, such as three variations of a game called “Monster” ensure fun continues with readers and family long after you put this book down.


Secret bonus! Hidden at the back of “Cleopatra’s Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt” is a classic recipe for Nanaimo bars. Feelings of joy, happiness and warmth are to be found on every page of the book.

Cleopatra's Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt 

Highly recommended as TOP BOOK of September, ages 8 & up! Bond with your child over Cleopatra’s Tomb & The Regit Tigers of Egypt.

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by J.W.S. Getty:

A grand adventure for kids and adults, Cleopatra’s Tomb and The Regit Tigers of Egypt inspires ideas and play well beyond the pages of the book!

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