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2023 Real Estate Outlook with Deborah Kanfer


FALL 2023 REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK interviews one of GTA – Niagara – Burlington – Hamilton’s brightest and hardest working Real Estate Salespersons, Deborah Kanfer of Right at Home Realty Brokerage  for a FALL 2023 Real Estate outlook for Hamilton, Niagara and Burlington regions of Ontario. Deborah is savvy and up to date about market conditions. Deborah Kanfer is a popular Real Estate Agent at Right at Home Realty; we are lucky to have an interview!

She brings clients unique properties to fit their lifestyle!
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Theresa: Deborah, your presence in the real estate industry is getting noticed; can you describe the way you implement your signature client experience in 2023?

It’s truly my greatest pleasure to serve my clients to the best of my ability for a seamless experience from beginning to end.  I take pride in my work ethic; it comes down to competence. In addition to that, being trustworthy, dependable/reliable, honest & readily responsive are essential key attributes of my work ethic and dedication to clients.

There’s a lot to consider whether buying or selling property. It is imperative I provide a service that sets my clients up with an easy and enjoyable experience. Close relationships are often formed here; we spend an LOT of time together and in close quarters, so compatibility counts significantly and certainly stands for criteria I look for when meeting new clients.

My objective is to provide guidance to empower clients. I help clients make real estate decisions with confidence.

2. Sounds like you continue to bring a personal approach in a fast moving world dominated by technology. Let’s talk about a first time home buyer. How much of a down payment is required in this market for anyone hoping to become a homeowner for the first time? 

While there is a calculated scale for downpayment amounts, 10% – 20% is a favourable amount. This may serve some home buyers in an optimal way; the higher the downpayment, the lower the mortgage debt. However, everyone’s preferences are unique. And first time buyers looking today, have different financial implications than first time buyers 5-10yrs ago. It may serve someone else well to put 5% and borrow a higher amount. And a big trend is getting monetary gifts from family members to go towards the downpayment which helps offset the debt. There are various unique reasons attached to what buyers and different types of lenders prefer. It’s good to remember that there are plenty creative ways to strategize various unique financing options for those looking to purchase but are unsure of ways to make it work. It can all appear very intimidating, but I highly recommend chatting with a handful of different financial experts to compare opinions and suggestions in order to see what’s available and to choose a strategy that best fits the buyers’ needs and current financial standing.

Some even provide guidance on a plan to help those that aren’t quite ready to ‘pull the trigger’. I have a good selection of industry professionals that I recommend to my first time or soon to be first time buyer clients to seek advice from.

3. Theresa: Why did you choose Burlington, Hamilton & Niagara region to specialize in Real Estate?
What is special about the area in 2023?
Deborah I relocated from Toronto to Hamilton in 2015, and fell in love with the area.  As a real estate agent, I discover stunning new areas.  I work throughout the GTA, and while Toronto is a great place to own property in, for those that can’t quite afford Toronto prices, Hamilton offers incredible options at reachable prices – I love to ‘wow’ my network with property comparisons between each city. The differences are uncanny!
4. Theresa: It appears there are many exciting Real Estate opportunities across Hamilton, Burlington and Niagara for people looking to escape the city life. Not to mention, life along Lake Ontario is pretty sweet.
For those interested in selling or switching it up in this area, what is the average time it takes to sell a property in the region, halfway through 2023?
Deborah: The market is in a rolling state of change since the inception of the pandemic. With the latest interest rate increases, the market slows somewhat, buyers are sitting on the fence a little more, but they are still buying. Property is still a hot commodity. I’d say an average of 30-45 days, more or less on market appears to be the the norm for a listing to sell. The summer market tends to be a little slower and of course the fall market is anticipated to pick up speed again.
5. Can you tell me 2023 trends you notice in the local Real Estate Market? 
I notice the bidding war frenzy start up again in Toronto this Spring, but the latest interest rate increase that took place may have cooled that down a little. I believe it won’t last long and the market will pick up again. Hamilton prices seem to be fairly steady (variably) some homes starting to sell for a little over asking again after a stretch of homes selling under bidding war conditions but for slightly below asking.  It’s interesting to watch. The info I get and see is in real time. Once that info hits the rest of the public, it’s already delayed. That’s why it’s good to pair up with an agent to get firsthand info on real time market conditions.

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Sincerely appreciated.
Thanks Deborah, it is insightful for our readers to learn about local real estate market conditions in 2023!
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