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Workout Motivation & Inspiration

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One day at the gym, after running around 20-ish kilometers on the treadmill, I hopped off to walk around the track and a man walked right up to me.  “How far did you run?” He asked. “23 kilometers,” I told him.  “I used to be able to do that,” he replied.

He then pointed to his knee and told me he had injured his knee years ago, and after surgery, he wasn’t able to run anymore, let alone run long distances. He told me that if he was able to, he would still run.

This got me thinking. There are many people in the world who are physically unable to work out. There are also many of those in the world who are perfectly capably able to work out, yet who choose not to. I will always remember my conversation with this ex-runner. Now I make it a point to schedule my workouts so that I literally have no excuse to miss them.

Every week, make it a point to write your workouts into your planner and in your smartphone. Ask Siri to make a reminder for you. There really is no excuse for working out. No one ever regrets a vigorous workout.

How motivating!

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>Make your workouts make sense for YOU!
>Just do it.
>Give it your all when it is time to work. Your mind & body thank  you.

Make the MOST of your Fitness Regime: Part 3 in Ultimate Health Tips

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I keep track of things I do regularly to optimize my health and wellness. This translates to high impact cardio, An ab workout, or maybe extra pushups during the day. It is exciting to reach fitness goals and watch your body change shape. Read this post to find out my optimal fitness suggestions, you will find you begin to effortlessly achieve the body, health, wellness, & state of mind you desire…

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Think Inspiration!

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The Dalai Lama was asked “what surprises you the most” ?

He said, “Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then he dies having never really lived.”


We can all attest to allowing our own mind to wander. You can gain control over your thinking through meditation & exercise. As you begin to train your mind to focus on what you want it to, you will begin to see incredible results.

The next time you find yourself analyzing the next persons shoes, car, or clothes; catch your thoughts, watch them pass, & then focus on your breath. Always back to the breath. Every breath is a miracle.

Mackmaine said it best:  How impossible it is, ”to tell that man in the wheelchair  that you are not blessed….and I dare him to tell that man in the casket that he’s not blessed. Everyday you wake up is a blessing…Every breath you take is a blessing.”


Watch The Throne: Jay Z & Kanye West Make Toronto Take a Second Look

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I watched Kanye West & Jay Z perform ‘Watch the Throne’ in Toronto two nights in a row!
All I can say is wow.

They opened the show  with H.A.M, atop massive, glowing, 3D globes.

I’ll never forget walking into ACC stadium as Jigga & Yeezy were dropping Otis 3 songs into the set. My heart skipped a bazillion beats! SO awesome. Couldn’t even control how I felt about it!

This is the base thumping, heart pounding awe-struck goodness that is Watch The Throne. ‘Ye n HOV kept the flow going hard from the start. They packed this sold out show with so many hits. ‘Otis’ got the crowd fired up; “Who Gon’ Stop Me” and “Welcome to the Jungle” followed. They then unleashed a string of smartly placed solo show stoppers – Jay’s ‘Hard Knock Life’ & ‘Empire State of Mind’. Then there was Kanye’s ‘Power’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Monster’.

Kanye West & Jay Z performing ‘Otis’ @ the ACC

I noticed they kept the show simple. No flashy showbiz, no gimmicks, no fluff. They sure don’t need it. & they know it. Just Kanye & Hov annihilating the entire set with 2 huge screens in behind. Just them and the stage.
& No one was sitting down. Ever.

Kanye's stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

Kanye’s stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

I was in awe when Jigga asked the whole crowd to ‘light up the sky’ with they cell phones. The lights inside ACC dimmed, people waving phones high in the air… the sight was pretty cool; all these tiny specks of floating electronic light hovering throughout the darkened stadium. I took a lot of vids. You can check them out on my youtube Channel.

This year is a total blast! Follow me on Twitter @theresalongo

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