What Will Casinos Look Like in the Future?

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The future of Canada’s entertainment and business sectors are inseparable from new and emerging technologies. Casinos of the near future are no exception! For both players and casino operators, technology will play a much larger role in the evolution of the gambling and gaming industries.

The Great Canadian Gaming Corporation has recently reopened their doors to visitors. And in order to make sure that players adhere to strict new health and distancing restrictions, the company’s various casinos are accepting reservations online via their website.

“It will be mandatory that all guests have booked a play session prior to arrival,” explained the casino in a press statement. This applies to Elements Casino Brantford, Casino Woodbine, the Great Blue Heron, Casino Ajax, and the rest of the corporation’s reopened facilities. Thanks to this online reservation scheme, players can re-enter brick-and-mortar casinos without violating Ontario’s 50-person limit per gathering – albeit for just two-hour sessions per booking. Furthermore, no table games will be allowed due to how they will raise the number of people per facility. Instead, only slot machines will be open to gamblers. This underscores the growing role that electronic and digital games will play in the future of casinos operating in the “new normal”.

In fact, compared to physical or brick-and-mortar casinos, online casinos are developing much more rapidly. Even Alberta which used to have strict laws against online gambling has recently allowed online casinos to operate within the province. Powered by NeoPollard Interactive, Alberta’s new online casino and lottery portal currently has no poker or sports betting options. However, the site has announced its plans to expand its games soon. While the province and Canada itself is a little behind in terms of catering to online casino players, this recent move by Alberta will no doubt open other provinces and areas to regulate online gambling. This in turn will open Canada’s online casinos to adopting the new technologies that are upending digital gaming all over the world.

It’s unbelievable how far online casinos have come in terms of new tech. Online gaming portal ExpatBets in its review of digital gaming trends notes how virtual reality (VR), video-based poker, and cryptocurrency will all play a large part in the future of casinos. While VR casinos are currently in their embryonic stage, it won’t be long until game providers can develop a truly immersive digital casino experience.

Video-based poker is slowly but surely gaining popularity, as more and more players seek to replace the beloved casino table game with its digital counterpart. As for cryptocurrency use in online casinos, more and more providers are seeing the value of the transparency and security that cryptocurrencies afford players – compared to using fiat currency.

These developments are not just happening in Canada or North America, but everywhere else in the world where online casinos and digital gaming are getting more popular. As the casino industry shifts strategies to adjust to the new normal, the online and brick-and-mortar casinos of the future will look to new technologies to fill in the gaps.

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