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At theresalongo.com we are always on the hunt for exciting, fresh, fashionable designs! We’ve found some incredible style:
Funky and functional fashion for your futon and pillow cases. 

futon and func

Andi Leigh is the owner of FUTON & FUNC. FUTON & FUNC is based out of Guelph Ontario but will ship to anywhere in the world. Futon & Func currently has futon covers and now pillow covers too!

The mother-daughter team have become recognized ETSY sellers with an international customer base. FUTON & FUNC have “One of a Kind” and “Limited Edition”  items, made using well curated vintage or up cycled materials. One Of A Kind items are made using well-curated vintage or up-cycled materials. Each design is unique and only available once.


“Limited Edition branded Fabrics are specifically designed by Andi and can be custom ordered and coloured.
F&F products are divided by the materials used to make them. Both OOAK and DESIGNER items are earth friendly, funky and functional options.

TheresaLongo.com recently sat down with FUTON & FUNC‘s Andi to interview her about ordering her outstanding line of textiles…


FUTON & FUNC co-creator & owner, Andi

1. TL – Can FUTON & FUNC customers create their dream, ideal custom patterns and colors for their futons and pillows? 

Andi – Yes! Additionally, the fabric we use is versatile for indoor or outdoor use. It’s also made from over 50% polyester, using eco-friendly dye.

2. TL- What if the customer has an original idea or pattern they’d like?

Andi – Totally! We can create original designs based on the customer’s inspiration. They can also choose from current swatches on the site and even have them custom colored! 

3. TL- Can you make designs for different sizes of Futons and Pillows

Andi – Yes any of our products can be custom sized. All we need is the dimension of the futon mattress or pillow. 

4. TL-Can you ship to other countries?

Andi- Yes we do expedited shipping. The fabric is sent to the printer when you order. Printing on demand eliminates waste – being highly eco friendly. You can expect your order will be shipped within 2 weeks of ordering,

5. TL- What’s the best way to place my order? 

Andi – Futonandfunc.com and you can click on the cover you want. Add your products to the cart to buy straight from the site.

If you prefer to contact us or have wholesale inquiries you can send a direct request through the site, or contact Andi with your design concept at Andi@FutonFunc.com

TL – Fantastic – Thanks Andi! I am excited to place an order for textiles!

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Visit Andi’s Online Store  www.futonandfunc.com


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