Watch The Throne: Jay Z & Kanye West Make Toronto Take a Second Look

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I watched Kanye West & Jay Z perform ‘Watch the Throne’ in Toronto two nights in a row!
All I can say is wow.

They opened the show  with H.A.M, atop massive, glowing, 3D globes.

I’ll never forget walking into ACC stadium as Jigga & Yeezy were dropping Otis 3 songs into the set. My heart skipped a bazillion beats! SO awesome. Couldn’t even control how I felt about it!

This is the base thumping, heart pounding awe-struck goodness that is Watch The Throne. ‘Ye n HOV kept the flow going hard from the start. They packed this sold out show with so many hits. ‘Otis’ got the crowd fired up; “Who Gon’ Stop Me” and “Welcome to the Jungle” followed. They then unleashed a string of smartly placed solo show stoppers – Jay’s ‘Hard Knock Life’ & ‘Empire State of Mind’. Then there was Kanye’s ‘Power’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Jesus Walks’ and ‘Monster’.

Kanye West & Jay Z performing ‘Otis’ @ the ACC

I noticed they kept the show simple. No flashy showbiz, no gimmicks, no fluff. They sure don’t need it. & they know it. Just Kanye & Hov annihilating the entire set with 2 huge screens in behind. Just them and the stage.
& No one was sitting down. Ever.

Kanye's stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

Kanye’s stage outfit channels Marc Jacobs

I was in awe when Jigga asked the whole crowd to ‘light up the sky’ with they cell phones. The lights inside ACC dimmed, people waving phones high in the air… the sight was pretty cool; all these tiny specks of floating electronic light hovering throughout the darkened stadium. I took a lot of vids. You can check them out on my youtube Channel.

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