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Social Media Tips: How To Get More Re-Tweets

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Retweeting is a key part of the Twitter experience. A retweet (or “RT”) allows Tweeps to share the best links, tweets, and gems they find from others. A general ‘re-tweet- rule of thumb: anything re-tweeted, or shared by anyone becomes viewed by about 1000 people. At least! Bonus points if the re-tweeter has a lot of followers. Here I provide you with the best advice for getting the most out of your Twitter experience – not to mention gaining considerable exposure! Bookmark this page for future reference.

1. Encourage Interaction. Ask your followers a question. Ask them what they are eating/doing/thinking and you are sure to generate responses. Often times, people will re-tweet hugely general items  such as ‘What are you doing tonight?’ — because it applies to their own followers as well.

2. Use a good photo that clearly shows Who You Are. Stand strong behing your Twitter image. Consider this your Twitter-Face. Pick a photo that shows mostly your face (if it is a personal account) – or a captivating, eye catching photo if you plan to use the account solely for business. Logos are good. Branding is excellent.

3. Include a link. Link to interesting content, to relevant content or to amusing pieces of info. Even better: shorten the link. You can shorten any long, wordy link here. 

4. Leave enough room in the post for retweets. Remember your twitter handle (@theresalongo) will be included in the retweet. Make sure you’ve left enough space. This ties back into TIP #1. Keeping things short and generic increases the chances your message will be picked up and shared by another. The 65 character rule is prime.

5. ALWAYS read into any links you are about to retweet. If you are going to suggest any post to your lot of followers, check it out to make sure it’s legit. There are a lot of bots on twitter who post bogus links. Once I was following this ‘Chef’ who always tweeted things like “Delicious Avocato Sandwich Recipe *link*” or “Homemade Turnovers *link*”- anyway, I never really investigated his links despite making a mental note that they all sound delicious. I once automatically re-tweeted his link to ”Moist Chocolate Fudge Brownies” only to realize in horror upon investigation it definitely wasn’t food he was tweeting about. Thank goodness for the ‘UNDO RETWEET’ option. TIP: You can undo any tweet you have sent by revisiting the original person’s Tweet that you’ve shared.

6. Talk to someone. Social media is one massive conversation occurring with ourselves and with everyone in the room all at once. Reply to someone else’s tweet and be yourself.

7. Know your audience and find out when you get the most exposure. Everyone has a demographic. An example of top times to tweet are 9:00-10:00AM, 3:00-4:00PM, and 7:00-10:00PM. 2 sites to help you work out top tweet times SocialBro and Tweriod.

8. Choose your words carefully. As I mentioned above, keeping Tweets generic and simple is best. Did you know? Certain words get re tweeted more than others. The least retweetable words: game, going, haha, lol, but, watching, work, home, night and bed.

9.  Re-Tweet yourself. Obviously exercise moderation – but if you write a Tweet which often applies, favor  it. If you aren’t sure how to favor tweets for revisiting later, check out this helpful article.

10. Share other peoples content. Mix it up. You get what you give! Share what you find most interesting or amusing on Twitter and you’ll increase the chances of someone else doing the same for you.

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Actress Theresa Longo Films on the Set of ‘Bad Guy’

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Over the weekend I had the pleasure of working on a promising up-and-coming artist’s project known as ‘Bad Guy’. I would love to extend a special Thank You to STRUTT CENTRAL for setting the stage on this valuable opportunity. Taken from his bio, Shah is a “New York/Toronto based artist, disregarding typical, played-out rap rules, and cliches,”. Shah is a hardworking artist surrounded by a talented and stand up team.


Ransack the Universe Toronto
We tried a variety of looks before settling on the final design. Stay tuned to see my looks in ‘Bad Guy’.
Theresa’s Fitting  … An LOL-tastic video to sum up this fitting….

Jen transformed me into a true video vixen.

Stay tuned for the finished product.  I will post a link to the video when it launches.
I showcase a wide range of acting ability in ‘Bad Guy’. The video looks exciting, captivating, and highly dramatic!


Big Special thank you to JEN! She killed hair and MU.

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Pregnancy Style! Fashion & Comfort at 9 Months Pregnant…

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Comfort is my GO-TO! Unlike Duchess Meghan, I ditched heels and opt for practicality on most public appearances and outings! Photographer George Dimitroff captures a few of my casual pregnancy looks in the final weeks! Here’s how to stay comfortable…

Nominated at the 2019 Women’s Business Network Awards

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Theresa Longo is nominated for the ‘Women In Business Award’ (Business Leadership) & ‘The Judy Heffernan Award’ (Empowering Others) at the annual Women’s Business Network award show presented April 9th, 2019, Peterborough!


Review of the 2019 Lincoln MKC (Photos © Hans Janzen)

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Lincoln Canada sure wanted me to arrive in style ahead of TIFF 2018! Luckily I was chosen to test and review the brand new 2019 Lincoln MKC. Let’s have a look at all the futuristic features of the 2019 Lincoln MKC…


Tips to Grow Your Hair Long! How to Get Stronger, Longer Hair Now…

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Do you find it impossible to grow long hair? Check out these helpful hints. Actress Theresa Longo shares her professional secrets to long, healthy hair. All-natural steps to adding hair length revealed here…

Theresa Longo at Live Professional Boxing

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Saturday June 1st Kryssi and I attended Live Professional Boxing at Hershey Center sponsored by Jacox Harley Davidson. This is our third stint with United Promotions Professional Boxing broadcasting live on Rogers SportsNet. Kryssi and I posed with fans after the arena doors opened; showing off a gorgeous Harley Davidson bike from the Jacox Harley Davidson Showroom. Kryssi and I sat atop gorgeous eye grabbing Harleys as the fighters made their way to the ring. In between rounds Kryssi and I sat center seats on the runway while betting on who would win each bout. It was definitely a sold out show!

If you follow me on Twitter: 3 pairs of tickets to this exciting event provided were up for grabs. Contest winners who follow me on Twitter tweeted me for an instant pair of tickets courtesy of Jacox Harley Davidson. Follow me to find out about future contests!

From United Promotions on Instagram: 

Jacox Harley Davidson provided us each with custom fitted Jacox Harley Davidson Brand outfits! Kryssi and I  looked great in our tailored Jacox Harley apparel.
Theresa Longo Live Boxing
Theresa Longo Brand
Smiling for the camera !
Theresa-Longo-For the Main Event, Kryssi and I joined the ring announcer for the singing of the national anthem. After the anthem – we proudly adorned the ring announcer with his own Jacox Harley Davidson Branded Motorcycle Jacket. Our TV time will broadcast live on Rogers SportsNet. Dan Sutton snapped this photo of us clearly showing the entire stadium who is the most stylish.

Thanks for checking out the photos from Saturday Night.

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Monster Energy Presents: Soundwave Edmonton

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May long weekend saw Monster Energy hosting the hottest waterpark party in the West Coast. I danced the entire night. Las Vegas’s best beach party: Soundwave featuring Chuckie, GTA + Dzeko & Torres hit West Ed Mall for thousands of excited party goers.

Connected Events says that in the past 3 years “Soundwave has made a name for itself as one of the most unique events in North America. Soundwave, Connected Entertainment transforms the world’s Largest Indoor Waterpark into a Vegas style beach party modeled after the legendary Encore Day Club in the Wynn & Marquee Dayclub in the Cosmopoliton.”

Edmonton is beautiful! Soundwave threw an unforgettable party with an incredible crowd. All photos by Desmond Chong of CYK Media.

THERESA Longo-Monster Model
Theresa Longo 2013
Theresa Longo Monster Model
Monster Models _theresa_Longo

All photos by Desmond Chong of CYK Media.

Desmond Chong Photo



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Tips to Grow Your Hair Long! How to Get Stronger, Longer Hair Now…

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Do you find it impossible to grow long hair? Check out these helpful hints. Actress Theresa Longo shares her professional secrets to long, healthy hair. All-natural steps to adding hair length revealed here…


Must-Haves from Yves Saint Laurent Beauty!

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Through its collection of premium makeup, fragrance and skincare products, YSL Beauty expresses a unique style in between elegance and freedom. See my must have products from the YSL collection here!


Turn the Clock Back on Your Skin with These Anti-Aging Tips

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Skin losing elasticity? Wrinkles and lines? Here are ways to protect your skin from the effects of the aging process or reverse some of those effects…


Colorful Stockings by Vienne Milano!

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VienneMilano is the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated exclusively to thigh high stockings. Their products are Made In Italy. Canadian supermodel Theresa Longo makes a statement wearing Limoncello Yellow Fishnet stockings. See the photos by George Dimitroff here!

Theresa Longo photographed by Cherlyne Knox

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Cherlyne Knox sure has a way with the camera …
Here is a preview of a recent photo shoot: Theresa Longo lands the lead role in ‘Bad Guy’.

Fun Fact: This photo shoot took place in the heart of downtown Toronto


Theresa Longo
Theresa-Longo Model


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Espanglish TV takes over Toronto : Canadian Actresses Take the City by Storm!

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Gorgeous city scape shots! Espanglish TV followed these beautiful ladies around locations including Yorkville, Toronto’s beautiful waterfront harbor. Inside this post: Photos atop one of Canada’s landmark buildings ensures an incredible backdrop. See for yourself!

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Expert Make Up tips Featuring Stefania!

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This exciting expert makeup tutorial is brought to you by Stefania Serna in collaboration with Theresa Longo. In this post we’ll learn best makeup tips for creating a beautifully finished face and hot hair!  First, a little background on Stefania:  She only uses the highest quality , most versatile products. Stefania exudes class, professionalism and grace wherever she goes! Follow her on Twitter here:

First, let’s look at the before and after photos, then we’ll tell you the secrets to get the look! Hair & Make up by Stefania.
Theresa Longo models.

 Click to Enlarge Before and After Photos theresa-longo-makeup-tips-with-Stefania-Serna


Always start with a fresh face! We began by washing my face and hair in preparation for makeup application.
Stefania applied a primer with clean hands to begin the look. The primer is called Pro Professional from Benefit.
Concealer is applied. Concealer is Makeup Forever.
Next is eyebrows. Eyebrows frame your face. Brow is Chanel.
Primer goes on the eyelid, and then we start with the shadows.

After the eyes, Stefania uses Foundation and finishes with a powder to set the makeup.
She uses light pink lips and noted that it is considered a very sexy look to have a dark, smoky eye and nude lips.
After my hair dried Stefania used a straightening iron to make soft waves throughout my hair.

Everyone loved our looks. Fabulous!

Theresa Longo Stefania SERNAFollow Stefania Serna on Twitter here:
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Here is a preview of Stefania shooting with photographer David Lopez…

stefania serna

Special Thank You to Stefania Serna for her EXPERT Hair and Make Up Demonstration

Skin Care

Get Glowing Summer Skin Now!

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Summer is here! One of the greatest feelings is being fresh faced and enjoying outdoor activities in the sunshine!
Here are my best tips for Glowing Summer Skin:

1. ALWAYS wear spf 60 on your face, hands, neck and chest. This prevents aging and wrinkles where it matters most.

2. After every application of sunscreen or oil, –  exfoliate after cleansing. Lotions and sticky sunscreens wreck havoc on your pores. Always scrub breakout prone areas with an exfoliating scrub. Vichy or Proactiv has gentle facewashes which can be used multiple times daily.

3. Flaxseed – Ground Flaxseed added to cereal or a shake in the morning will make your skin glow.

4. Drink Water! Drink extra water in the summer time. Aim for 3-4 litres a day at least!

5. Resist the urge to touch your skin. Ever. Keep your fingers away from face, chest, back, always!

6. Use C&E peptides

7. Take extra care of yourself! If you sweat, hit the shower ASAP!

8. Watch what you eat. Diet is important. Cut sweets, meat, and dairy to ensure your skin is perfect.
See More info Here.

9. Relax your face! Practice relaxing your face more often. This will minimize frown lines. I have done this for years.

10. Remove makeup every single night before bed! Washing your face before bed should be a bedtime ritual!

Remember: Sometimes skin does what it wants! No one ever has “perfect skin” 🙂 These tips are meant to help you better manage the beautiful skin you’re in!

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