Artist Spotlight: Interview With Rising Country-Rock Star Anthony Tullo

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It’s nice to put the spotlight on rising Canadian Talent! In this interview, I speak with musician and actor Anthony Tullo to talk to him about growing success as a musician.

1. Tell me about your latest single and your new album…

Anthony Tullo: My album is called Rebel with a song and it is distributed through ILS Group Universal Music throughout
over two hundred digital platforms world wide. My latest single coming to Canadian Country radio nation
wide May 1st will be Rebel. It is the most personal song on the album and speaks about my life struggle
in the entertainment business. This single speaks to really anybody in any business fighting against the odds
in the hopes of reaching success.

2. You are doing a tour in Ontario right now…exciting…talk to me about the tour…

A.T: This is my first tour, its called THE REBEL TOUR 2017. It comes off the release of my single Rebel and
my first stop will be my hometown of Oakville at the Le Dome concert hall May 5th, then traveling to London
Ontario and Barrie Ontario for shows in June and then playing the main stage at the Valley East Days festival
in Sudbury Ontario Sept 10th and and then back home Nov 3rd to do a second show in Oakville at the Le Dome
main stage to end the tour.

3. Fans saw you on CP24 a few weeks ago, how was that?

A.T: I did a guest spot on CP24 back around Christmas and I did another guest
spot on CHCH Hamilton- Friday music hour- which aired this year several weeks back. Both were great and I
had a lot of fun playing for television. In many ways its a whole different thing playing in a small TV sound stage
because everything seems so in your face, totally lit up, and sometimes live on air and let me tell you that can be
intimidating for anybody.

4. You are also an actor, how did you get started making and writing music?

A.T: Yes I am actor and have been the leads in some feature films. The latest one was from fable films called Bickermans
Grove which actually was screened at the Apollo Cinema in Kitchener where I am performed a few songs live during
the grand opening of the film. I produced a feature film myself called A Secret Cross which won a bunch of awards
and is on many platforms for rent and its in this film where a producer approached me about the ending song to my
film “Darlington” which I wrote. This pushed me back into the music business after many years. As far as writing, I’ve
been doing that since I’ve been eighteen years old. Just came naturally to me, learned guitar on my own and found I
had love for music, for writing songs and hey people respond to my material so I’d have to be crazy not to pursue it.

5. Where can fans buy your music now?

A.T:  Both my albums are on Itunes and ‘Rebel with a Song’ is on many other platforms. For more information they can go
to or sign up to VIP Club for free with their email and get a newsletter with all my updates.


Thanks Anthony! Your fans around the world continue to root for you!
Appreciate you taking time to do the interview.



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