Safety Tips for Visiting Costa Rica


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Find Safety Tips for Visiting Central America
and Costa Rica here.
What better place to spend time than on the gorgeous beaches of Central America?
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Be sure to visit Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua 🙂  All my favorite places.


– Explore

– Do something that scares you 🙂

-Pamper yourself! Plan activities … Charter flights, boats, excursions

-Raise your awareness through yoga, meditation and movement

-Savour every moment

– Embrace “Pura Vida” (Pure life!)

-Pack light. When traveling to Central America it is TROPICAL, you will not need anything heavy like jeans, or heavy/long dresses. You need one pair of pants: the ones you’ll wear to the airport! (Note: If you know you’ll be in mountainous conditions or will experience rugged thick jungle away from the beaches, obviously pack solid hiking shoes, light jacket/sweater) and supplies you’ll need to be safe.


Costa Rica is beautiful all year round. I even enjoy the “rainy season” (mostly in October).
December through March is very hot and dry in Costa Rica. When rains arrive in mid-April or May many bugs arrive too. Wildlife is re-awakened and while some prefer “green season” others are surprised by the mosquitoes, flying ants and other critters. Be ready for mud. Lots of it. Often tracked through the house in footprints, bootprint or my favorite: dog prints!

For those wondering when is the most dry, sunny time to visit?
Anytime between November to March is dry and sunny.

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Where to go?

Go where you want!

Santa Teresa has a young lively crowd and well known by tourists around the world. A good mix of international development and authentic Costa Rican culture.
In my opinion, Jaco is the “Las Vegas” of Costa Rica, in every aspect.
Tamarindo is commercialized enough to find Subway Sandwiches, surf is consistent year round.
Monte Verde is gorgeous and lush with jungle. Carribean side offers tranquil waters while the Pacific is prime surfing.

Manuel Antonio National Park, on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast, encompasses rugged rainforest, white-sand beaches and coral reefs. It’s renowned for its vast diversity of tropical plants and wildlife, from three-toed sloths and endangered white-faced capuchin monkeys to hundreds of bird species.

Be more prepared for hiking or photography with more protective clothing or proper boots.

The upper Peninsula is known as the Nicoya Peninsula (where I am) and the lower peninsula is Oso Peninsula. Both offer world class surfing. The Oso Peninsula (south and much closer to Panama) possesses a lot of exotic wildlife (colorful macaws, parrots, snakes) and preserved rugged Jungle.  I loved the paved roads, lush green jungle side and adventure of seeing wild animals while leaving no trace of our visit.

My family lives in Mal Pais. It is my oasis on earth. 100M close to the surf and close to the road to Santa Teresa, a popular tourist destination. Surf is incredible year round!



Central America is a beautiful place filled with nice, helpful people. There are several things you must obey at all times in order to ensure a safe, happy time at all times throughout your time in Central America. Adhering to this advice is paramount! When I first arrived to Costa Rica, some of my trusted friends in the country gifted me with this advice and I have never once had a problem.

  1. Visit the ATM only during daylight hours. Before 7PM

  2. Do not leave valuables in a locked car.

  3. Do not take valuables or anything important to you to the beach.

  4. Assume anything you leave on the beach, even for a quick swim,  can likely be stolen.

  5. Do not go to the beach before dawn or after dark.

  6. Definitely stay off the beach before sunlight or at night (This is important!)

  7. Always swim/ surf with a buddy.

  8. Use a safe if you have it.

  9. Do not count your money or flash money or valuables in public.

  10. Wearing sunglasses or hat in the ocean is fair game for the ocean to take it from you.

  11. Lock everything at all times, secure your property entirely before leaving.

  12. Guard your drinks in bars or clubs.

  13. Shop local, eat local, hire local and patronize local businesses

Be safe and follow the rules and you will always have wonderful amazing times in Central America! Pura Vida!


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