Turn the Clock Back on Your Skin with These Anti-Aging Tips


Everyone wants to take care of their skin. If your skin starts to lose elasticity, you may think you are stuck with those wrinkles and lines, but you are not. Although you cannot stop aging, here are ways to protect your skin itself from the aging process or reverse some of those effects!

Adequate hydration has been the best way to keep skin looking great. Drink minimum 4L of water per day. It might seem like a lot, but it is a perfect amount to stay hydrated and healthy – as well as looking youthful. It is the most natural way you can keep your skin looking incredible. Forget fillers – water is actually your best friend.
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Know Why Your Skin Shows Signs of Aging

The first way to reverse or prevent signs of aging on your skin is to know why those signs occur in the first place. There are many reasons for aging skin. The biggest cause of dry, tired looking skin is dehydration. If you are dehydrated you will look older. Drink 4-5L of water per day to stay hydrated. Contours of your face change with time. As the shape of your face changes and your skin loses elasticity, it simply does not conform to your skull the way it did when you were younger. Hydration helps skin stay plump. Another reason your skin tends to show signs of age is environmental exposure, especially sun exposure. You can help to reduce sun damage your skin incurs by wearing sunscreen diligently.

Moisturize Every Day!

Day and night after cleansing skin you should be applying a great facial moisturizer. Swear by this habit to keep your skin baby soft, wrinkle free and youthful. There are excellent moisturizers! I use Proactiv to cleanse my skin and treat problem spots. For moisture and resilience, I am a big fan of Elizabeth Grant Biocollasis Complex with Torricelumn moisturizer, Clinique Moisturizers and Biotherm gel moisturizer. I also use Vivier Skin C+E peptides from time to time to really bring my skin back after I have spent a ton of time in the sun surfing!

Ways to Improve Your Skin Tone

You can improve your skin tone in numerous ways over time, but you have to be diligent about the way you treat your skin to achieve and maintain positive results. For example, you can have laser treatment to stimulate cell-protecting collagen. The more collagen your body produces, the healthier your skin should look. A cosmetic laser device has the potential to strengthen the collagen your body already has and get it to make more. Although, the exact results you will receive depend on the type of anti-aging laser treatment you have.

You can also improve your skin tone by having a chemical peel. A chemical peel rids the surface of your skin of imperfections. Debris can also be removed from deeper tissues, depending on the chemicals used. Alternatively, you can use microdermabrasion to achieve the toned skin you desire. That process involves using a hand-held tool to treat primarily the surface of your skin.

Increasing the Volume and Contours of Your Skin

If your skin lacks roundness and plumpness, slack skin can be corrected. The best way to give your skin back its contours and volume is to put back what is missing. Whilst some people are able to achieve this via the use of a nad supplement regeine, you can have filler treatments to do that. They are injections of approved materials, such as hyaluronic acid. They fill the voids under your skin, much like filling a deflated balloon.

Alternatively, you can fill the voids under your skin with botulinum toxin (BOTOX). Doing so temporarily causes the muscles to freeze in position, taking up some of the slackness in your skin in the process. You can also opt for fat transplant procedures to give certain areas more plumpness and fullness.

Other Ways to Improve Your Skin Health in a Clinical Setting

Skincare clinics offer dozens of ways to improve your skin health. Therefore, you must review all of your options before making a choice. For example, sound wave therapy is offered in many clinics. Its goal is to increase collagen creation and protection. You can also use microdermabrasion to rid your skin’s surface of offending foreign materials. (I love 5-Star Spa Euphoria!)

Focus on Prevention and Upkeep, as Well as Treatment

Skin damage prevention and skincare upkeep are essential parts of a clinical skincare procedure. For example, certain procedures make your skin light sensitive. After having them, you have to make sure you stay out of the sun until your skin heals. The application of medicated skin lotion may also help you maintain any positive results you see after clinical skincare procedures. Remember to stay hydrated, moisturized stay stress free and smile often – those are the best ways to maintain great skin!



What does your skin routine look like? Ever tried any of these tips for good skin? Tell us about it. Comment below.



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