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FIT for Life … Tips: Fitness Inspiration

WORKOUT WITH THERESA FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD via SKYPE!Image-Showing-Theresa-Longo-Fitness-Personal-Training

Theresa does the workout while coaching!
Master intense routines from the comfort of your home.
Train as much or as little as your schedule allows.

You choose the length of the workout!
Exercise from anywhere, anytime with Theresa!
Anonymity – You don’t have to be seen working out, not even by her! Skype enables you to opt out of video.
Just bring yourself, and water!
Do The Workout In Your Home or Office
Guarantee you will notice the look and feel of this intense fitness regime.
We switch it up all the time!
Client references available upon request.
Fast, Challenging Workouts at your convenience.
Pick your target area.
Styles include Martial Arts, Dance, Intervals, Yoga, HIT and more…

20 Minute Fitness Session

30 Minute Fitness Session

20/20 Minute Workout + Consultation

*Virtual Waiver Sent Upon Payment Receipt * Must Be E-Signed & returned via email to Participate*


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