How To Make Your Booty Bigger

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A big smack-able booty!
We all lo-o-o-o-ve those!

These convenient & effective butt toning workouts are perfect if you’d like to add a little pump in your jump, pep in your step,  &/or you are looking to turn a few heads… or a lot of heads! I picked up these routines from an incredible fitness instructor named Stefania. Do this exercise every couple of days – you’ll notice a BIG difference in your behind. Give it a try! & enjoy the results!




Additional booty toning tips:

The best way to shape your booty is to do a wide variety of exercises targeting different muscles. There are 3 main muscles which make up your backside.
Another great tip is to incorporate squats, including jump squats & weighted squats. Just be sure to check your pose. When you squat your knee should never go beyond your toes.

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