Article HEADER Photo by “Jkentrandall” via “Peterborough Wikipedia”

Feature film Actress Theresa Longo landed in a familiar landscape of her life last week, revisiting early career beginnings…

Shot an early summer morning, in pretty downtown Peterborough, photographer George Dimitroff makes the most of light, composition and style in these new and exclusive photos!


Theresa has worked closely with KEGI.CA through the years, and Kawartha Entertainment Group sponsored & solidified her place in The Fashion Hero for the 1 hour special.

Held in Peterborough,Ontario, at The Venue the Kawartha Spring Bridal show was created by Theresa Longo . It still runs to this day! (Theresa Longo recently MC’d the 5th Anniversary show!)  It is proudly now hailed the biggest bridal show in the Kawartha’s!


Things to do When You visit Peterborough, Ontario

Enjoy Nature!
Shop downtown.
Visit with friends and family.
Relax at Spa Euphoria
Feel good at Harmony Hair Care
Smile for the cameras!



Enjoy the gallery of photographs by award winning photographer George Dimitroff! George’s Facebook Page is here. Please give it a thumbs up! (Takes 2 seconds!) 


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