Stop Radiation Emissions From Your Phone with FAZUP. READ THIS if you Use Your Phone Often!


Do you use your phone every day? Several times a day? How often is your phone in your pocket? Do you take many calls? Ever wonder how a mobile phone might affect your health? Have you lost sleep due to technology? Experienced Headaches?FAZUP

FAZUP significantly reduces your exposure to the radiation of your mobile. The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones in the category of possible carcinogenic to humans.

I have thought about the affect of having a phone so close. Scientific studies show that there are definitely precautions to be aware of with respect to using or carrying a mobile phone near  your body.

FAZUP  is an extra thin patch that has a passive antenna inside it. It sticks on the back of your phone and you can easily put a case on your phone still. They also have different colors of FAZUP patches. I got the gold one!



FAZUP regulates and reduces the radiation emitted by the mobile phone towards your head when you call and towards your body when you carry the phone on you. The effectiveness is scientifically proven to reduce the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) up to 99% when the patch is put onto your phone.  ORDER YOURS HERE.

FAZUP comes with a positioning tool for a myriad of the world’s most popular phones. Watch the patch positioning video –>


  • In 30 days, Actress Theresa Longo will document how using FAZUP may have made a difference!
  • Check back in October to see the results after Theresa uses FAZUP for 30 days

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Canadian Feature Film Actress & International Model. Qualifications include live television, feature film, radio experience, TV Host, event production, & PR. Theresa flexes her knowledge of brand development and marketing while pursing a career in the arts industry in the heart of downtown Toronto. Skilled as a strategic marketing & planning expert, Theresa Longo travels nationally and internationally as a Corporate Brand Ambassador and loves to write and record original music.

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