Halloween Haunt at the Great Hall

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Halloween weekend saw us gearing up for a totally scary, gory night at the Great Hall. Professional artists made us into the deadliest looking zombies through the use of fake blood, prosthetics, and paint. Steadfast until the end, we remained in true zombie character throughout the entire night. I was gifted with gnarly side and facial wounds, while Mandy had her throat slit in a gruesome gash. Jag had one of the most interesting costumes with an entire prosthetic worn over her mouth. We were definitely a disgusting lot of zombified gals! Click to enlarge photos. Warning: The results are anything but pretty!
The party at the Great Hall was killer; (ha) with some of us spotting some truly creative costumes. Most notable was Honey Boo Boo Chile, Mr. Roboto (complete with glowing headlight) and ‘grade five photo day’ guy. After we were done with scaring and creeping people out to the fullest, we headed up to the VIP area where we danced the night away to the epic musical stylings of DJ. ILLO and DJ. DR-1. This was truly a memorable, fun-filled Halloween weekend packed with gore and celebrated hard at the Great Hall on Queen West.

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On the actual all Hallow’s Eve, I will be making an appearance at the Air Canada Center for the Toronto Raptors Home Opener. Find me at the game and say hi 🙂

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